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Audio/Video system advise please! (B+K,B+W)  

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My current system as follows:
B+W 802s front, HTM center, 602s rear, 2000 sub
Proceed AVP processor
B+K 7250 amp
ECP 4100 front projector

I'm moving, and my 802s will be in my living room for 2 channel only, the projector will be in the basement/theater. I need to make a decision about my system:
1.The proceed would be a fantastic 2 channel processor. It doesn't seem to have the flexibility, nor DTS processing I had hoped for. I'm considering adding the B+K Ref 30 to the theater, and adding 2 channel amp (Classe) with the Proceed for living room. I can get 6month no payment financing on B+K.
2.Since the theater will not be for music as much as upstairs, I can add CDM NT 7 or NT 1 for front, which might work well.
3.I could keep the Proceed in theater, and get an integrated amp for upstairs (Musical Fidelity 300 or Nuvista)

I would like to keep cost of system, aside from speaker changes to under $5k. If anyone can think of a better plan that would sound great, and match my current system, let me know.

All advise appreciated. Any other advise appreciated.

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You have to make your choice about Proceed's current capabilities and future upgradeability, but I wouldn't spend more money on theater electronics. I think that you would find that a separate preamp (maybe even tubed if you like that sound) and one of the very good DACs out around $800-1200 (Birdland, Perpetual Tech, Bel Canto) will give you better two channel performance.

By the way, are your 802's the Matrix S3's? I used to own a pair and really enjoyed my time with them.

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Just to confuse you even more, the Madrigal reps I spoke to last weekend hinted that a brand new AVP was in the wings that will bring the product up to speed and maybe even offer a neat feature that you won't be able to get anywhere else. My distinct impression was that Madrigal was acutely aware that the AVP is long in the tooth, and that given how important home theater is to everyone these days, a new unit was not far off at all.

Contrast this to their disappointing answer to my question about when Levinson would release an SACD player, or a DVD Audio player, which was, "Don't expect one for probably two more years at least." (!)
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