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half dark screen on Optoma 737

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Had a "fan not working" light on my Optoma 737 (false) so I figured it was dust on a sensor and blew it out...when I restarted it the right half of the screen was darker than the left. I pulled the cover and used light compressed air to really clean it and on restart thepicture was excellent. 3 days later the fan light came on again so I repeated the blow out; the fan light went away but its back to a half dark screen that wont react to cleaning. Optoma service is guessing I need a new light motor but I dont agree as I had it perfect once just by cleaning...besides, its watchable........any ideas?
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On a horizontal rectangular 16-9 screen which side of the image is darker than the other?
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I am not familiar with that model, but if you were talking about an Infocus X series projectgor, I would say that you had a bad light tunnel.

If that is the case with yours, the only cure is to repair or replace it. Since I don't see that parts are available, that leaves repair of the bad part. And that is something that you are going to have to do.

The light tunnel is a small, 4-sided mirrored tunnel that is glued together. In the Infocus projector, one side of the mirror would come unglued and that side would collapse inward, darkening that side of the image.
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The right hand side is darker. There is a definite line down the middle that is not quite perpendicular and for about 20 % towards the right has a slightly greenish colour.
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I would agree with that possibility except I had it working perfectly after having the half dark screen and it returned.
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If it is the light tunnel that is failing, then it is very possible for your "blast of air" to hit just right, pushing the loose side back into place for a time. When the glue fails, the piece is loose and can move easily.
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Assuming loose light tunnel I let the unit warm up then tilted it sideways and tapped it. the dark side was reduced so I kept tapping and got to 95%. Been good for 4 days now...thanks Sheridan.
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Okay, you've confirmed it. Now, since that part is not available, your choices are..

Live with it...
Replace the projector...
Disassemble the projector and glue the tunnel back together using superglue.
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