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Apple TV users in here? (scaler related)

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Considering getting an ATV to replace my current HTPC, would then need an outboard scaler.

I run a 2.35 screen with horizontal compression lens (prismasonic) for a CIH format - don't zoom the lens, just use software to rescale the picture.

Wondering if anyone in here has first hand experience with this combination and could offer some feedback.

Right now I'm upscaling DVD to 720p using HTPC and FFDShow. In gneral, I'm happy with image quality that way, but the interface and hassle factor/ low WAF is an issue.

Would like a scaler than can also handle blu-ray when eventually available in the mac.
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Would really appreciate any feedback - ATV arrived today and considering my options to scale different AR from the ATV.
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I have 4 AppleTVs and run one through a VP50. I am using Pio Elite 110FD and 150FD so no screen here. But I have no problems letting the Elite do scaling/stretch or the VP50 they look great. BTW, I have found through trials just to leave the AppleTV set at 1080I is best in my situations. We love the AppleTVs and I upgraded one to 250G to hold TV shows, movies, videos, all our pictures and music. I even transferred some VHS shows I couldn't part with to it. My wife can use an AppleTV, she would not touch an HTPC.
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this is a broad question, I know, but why did you choose the VP50? Scaler talk is so over my head it's not even funny but the costs are very high.

I spoke with someone else who was using a lumagen model with ATV and was happy but he was not using a 2.35 system.
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Sorry to take so long... I chose the VP50 due to comments on this forum at the time of purchase (Jan 07). Also DVDO is local to me (10 miles). Finally, I wanted the SD scaling card built into the VP50 the VP30 did not have. That did wonders for our SD material. I have been very happy with it so far.
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Interesting. I have my apple tv (atv) set to 720p because I was under the impression that most of the content was already interlaced (so scaling was needed). I guess it depends on the content you are using as to whether 1080i or 720p is better for the atv output.

Mine is with a Lumagen HDP. HDMI to DVI. Works fine. Have not watched much video content yet, to be honest. Will try a Lost episode soon.

My main issue is that my programmable remote doesn't work well with the atv, but that is another story. Otherwise I like it a lot.
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