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HF100 for $725!

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I've been trying to figure out the best HD camcorder to get and for me it came down to HF100 vs. SR11 and in the end it came down to price. I kinda wanted the Sony but I couldn't justify the extra $200 bucks. Well now the HF100 is an even more obvious choice from a financial standpoint:

mikeslc posted this in the HF10/100 thread and I thought it was so good I'm reposting it here:

6ave[.]com have the HF100 for $899 - $174 with coupon code AFLCAN725 [Exp 5/1] = $725 with free shipping.

I would post the link but since I'm so new I can't post urls yet. Just go to 6ave and search for hf100. The order page lets you put the coupon in right away so you can see if the deal still works without having to register.
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The Link: http://www.6ave.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=CANHF100

Coupon Code AFLCAN725 -I just bought one and it works fine.
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nice work! I already got mine, but I called in the PM!
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It's listed as a "Preorder". Any idea when they'll have them in stock?

I'd have B&H pricematch, but they're on holiday for almost two weeks now.
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Originally Posted by Edwood View Post

It's listed as a "Preorder". Any idea when they'll have them in stock?

I'd have B&H pricematch, but they're on holiday for almost two weeks now.

Who knows? I'm guessing they sold out of their stock pretty quick at $725.
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I just received a hf10 from 6ave today-and they really do have great customer service. I intially ordered an HF100 from them on the 16th-the day they offered the $175 off coupon. The site had said "in stock" when I ordered it. I waited til the next day for a tracking number but there was none. I called them to find out, and they tell me they made a mistake and "oversold them" and I'd have to wait a week. I got pissed and asked them if they'd give me a better deal on the hf10 since it was in stock and I'm going on vacation next week and couldn't wait for the hf100. They came through very well. I'm impressed with their willingness to please the customer.
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HF100 is on sale at Buy.com for $779 right now. Or $769 if you have never bought from them.

new* J&R has the HF100 for $749 now.
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Yeah, they're oversold and out of stock. No firm ETA on when they're getting more in.
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Amazon and the various resellers have had terrific prices for the last week or so.

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Hey dudes, I just picked up the HF100 for $662 after shipping at B&H!!!

*it was already posted on another thread, but still great deal.
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Yeah - I got the price match elsewhere which they don't necessarily have to do although the B&H link works for now. I figured camcorder in hand now is worth it and hopefully Monday you'll find out if the link was legit. Would be awesome assuming it is because if you search on B&H for the item it still comes up at $749.
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That link is an NAB special. Technically you have to be an NAB member, so they might ask for your member number. But you never know, they might not ask.
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