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Cool. I thought about kicking mine out a little bit, but I didn't want to lose the real estate between the stage and front row.
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Ya, I was trying to come up with a design from SandmanX's school of thought and what others have done in variation to that. However like you I didn't have the real estate especially since my entrance is right by the stage. Adding the side pieces gave me the angles I was looking for and with minimal space required. Took me a while to figure out, then suddenly a light turned on.
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Oman -

NICE WORK! You're really making some progress there. Great pics, too.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks Tom,

Truly an honor to have you visit the thread, with a compliment to boot. Gonna keep, keeping on.

BTW I have given WOOlly a referral to the motivation thread, he sounds like a man in dire need of being LOGANED...
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So this is the left wall coming down the steps that I needed to match up with the existing plaster.

This is the little half wall I needed to add in order for the carpeting of the steps to be done without the open side issues.

From the other side looking at both half and left wall. If you look on the left you can see 2 switches the first is a 3 way for the stairs coming down the second one is a Grafik Eye S1 which sets scene one when pressed and turns off when pressed again no matter the scene it's on.

Equipment closet rough coated.
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Here are some pics of the speakers on the permanant shelves along with some pics of the stage. Couldn't get a full shot of the stage too much stuff in the way, as you'll see with some pics of the riser.

In this next one you can see my sub and my phifer material screen rolled up in it's shipping tube.

Like I had said before I got my idea for the shelves from WOOlly, except I extended the middle piece to bottom of the vertical and to the front of the horizontal pieces.

Here you can see the front of my stage with the added piece to give it some design. I built the stage and riser on the concrete then did the Dricore. The angled pieces were addde after dricore for both the stage and riser for ease of cuts.

Here is a shot from above and you can see the cut a little better of the stage top.

Please excuse the mess Pics of the riser. Initially it was about 7.5" after dricore then I added a PT 4x4 which added 3.5"

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Also took some pics of my painted ceiling (Blue Coal)which will blend in with the star ceiling panel.

With flash:

No flash:

Lights off no flash:
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Oman - got an equipment list? What kind of speakers are those?

Moving van moved me out yesterday. I am a PA resident now. Glad to follow the build in your thread. That ceiling is going to be great.
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Hey Dave,

Thanks for checking in, sorry to lose you as a neighbor but I know the future has bigger and better things for you. I also know it was tough to leave your theater space though.

Those are Klipsch Speakers, you can see the boxes on the riser. Got a real good deal on them from Best Buy. I had been checking them out for a while, BB seems to have a good sale on them every now and then from Sunday to Tuesday. First time I noticed I missed it, then like clockwork same deal so I jumped on it. I had been considering Axioms but budget was a bit tight so these fit nicely in my price range with the sale. I have been totally pleased with their performance. As you can see on the box the surrounds have dual tweeters which aim towards the sides, klipsch terms it WDST technology. Initial testing with the Matrix during the lobby and Morpheus rescue was incredible and enveloping to say the least.

The subwoofer is a 12" JBL I found on Amazon for a really good price. I had planned on building my own subwoofer but for materail, time and labor I was looking at 3 to 4 times the cost. The sub does a real good job proven by the movie Frightners with Michael J. Fox. My daughter and I saw that a while back and we could feel the shake in our legs(we were sitting on bean bags) during the beam to heaven scenes, quite impressive. My only complaint is that there is a very,very slight buzz coming from the amp that can only be heard when everthing else is off in the room. The look of the sub though compliments the look of the Klipch speakers very nicely having a very similar titanium accent appearance.

Looking foward getting the ceiling done, just need to finish the rec room sanding and priming.
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As far as the equipment list goes.

Surround speakers 4 S-2's
Front Speakers B-2's
Center Channel C-2
Sub woof JBL Venue Series SUB12
Comcast Cable Motorola 3416 STB
HD DVD player Toshiba HD-A2
Sony Receiver STR DE 897S
Grafik Eye 3106, S1 accesory, and a GRX-CIR-WH accesory

The Sony receiver has been good to me and does a very nice job of providing 7.1 surround, alas it is a bit dated and will probably be replaced in the future and used to provide deck music and music in the pool room. No HDMI, on screen display or future codecs on the sony, although it does have analog outs. I installed an Onkyo for someone recently and liked it's performance and function very much, so I might be looking at the Onkyo 605 when I finish the build.

Also want to get as PS3 for gaming and Blu Ray. Currently I use a Harmony 880, hoping to get a One for the HT. Might be forgetting something, but that's it for now.
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Thanks. I have been mentally planning theater 2.0, and came to the conclusion that my best bet will be either wall mount or near wallmount speakers, at least for the LCR's. I had Klipsch in the back of my mind, since I knew their high end stuff was wall mountable, though my budget and room size wouldn't put me in the high end.
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Update to the list forgot some essential stuff.

Surround speakers 4 S-2's
Front Speakers B-2's
Center Channel C-2
Sub woof JBL Venue Series SUB12
Comcast Cable Motorola 3416 STB
HD DVD player Toshiba HD-A2
Sony Receiver STR DE 897S
Grafik Eye 3106, S1 accesory, and a GRX-CIR-WH accesory
Projector Epson HC 400
Key Digitital HDMI4x1 Switcher/Scaler
DIY Anamorphic Lens with Surplus Shed Prisms
Seymour A/V 2:35 119" (Approx.) DIY Phifer Sheerweave Screen
Starceiling-Designer DIY animated Star Ceiling Kit with LED's behind the Screen

High end is in the eye of the beholder, all my friends are blown away by my stuff even as it is right now. I always say to myself "if you only knew"
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Not much progress to report unfortunately. I was making good progress last week with sanding when my drywall sander ended up binding up real bad and eventually made some god awful sound. I'm in contact with Kingdrywall and am awaiting parts.

Good news is that my seats have been ordered. I'm going with 7 13175's

I'll have a row of 3 in the front and a row of 4 in the back with a love seat setup in the middle. Looking foward to their arrival, unfortunately that will be 4 months from now, hopefully I'll be ready... times a ticking.
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Good news... finally got the parts for my drywall sander yesterday. Got about half of the area done last night, getting back at it tonight. After that they'll just be some touching up to do in certain areas to then begin priming.

I can't say how much better it is to do the sanding with the sander. The guys at Kingdrywall sent me a new piece along with the parts that I needed. It replaced the piece which holds the bearing and shaft. Definitely an improvement and caused the sander to be easier to handle during pivots and turns. Highly recommended for anyone doing their own compounding and sanding.
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How did you run your cables for the DVR to be ran. I am assuming you ran your main cable in and split the out into each room to its respective TV. can you split the IR do run it from all locations.

Newbie Question.
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When I was living at my prior home I had a Motorola DVR with DVI which for whatever reason was inconsistent with a DVI to HDMI cable to my set, so I ran it with component. In buying a 26" LCD for the bedroom (before they had QAM tuners built in) I knew I wanted to get the HD signal from my DVR to it. So I made some component cables (before I knew about monoprice) to go in to my wall down to my cellar and up through the wall where the tv was hanging in my bedroom.

Then I used Y RCA connectors to split the component connection at the DVR with Powermids to serve as a remote extender.

I basically have done the same thing now in my new home except that when I first moved there I was able to get a DVR with HDMI which works consistently so I no longer need to split the component signal. I now have HDMI going to my living room set and the component cables fished to the master bedroom. I still used the powermids to control the DVR from the master bedroom.

In prepartion to do the same thing for the HT projector and Pool table television set I ran component and HDMI to those areas (HDMI will be for PS3, HD DVD). The Component cable which is going to the master bedroom was split inside the media closet and re-purposed to ultimately serve the master bedroom and the living with the component distribution amplifier. That componnet cable is currently connected through the keystone component plates pictured in the closet next to the amplifier to still serve the MB for the time being. I have run cat 5 to master bedroom, HT and pool table area for IR extender (planning of buffalo IR or xantech right now). The powermids will ultimately control the DVR from the living room.

Lots of stuff, ask away if it wasn't clear or if your looking to do something similar.

BTW I have my Harmony 880 setup to control it i.e. Watch cable, Bdrm Cable, Watch DVD, Bdrm DVD etc...
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I always thought the 3 seat front 4 in the back w/ loveseat center was the way to go, alone the front center is the money seat and the love seat in the back to cuddle up w/ the female(s). Are you going to do a pool table hanging lamp? Looking good, keep it up!
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Thanks for the kudos. Ya that was the school of thought with the money seat and loveseat set up, besides the lack of width in the room to do 4 in the front anyhow.

I am doing a hanging pool table lamp, I have the romex ran for it and the zone designated on the grafik eye.

I have to update the thread with completed dricore pics. Glad to have that behind me.
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Nice strategy. I wanted to do a 4-3 combo, but the width of my back row wouldn't allow it. Therefore, I'm going with 3 up and 3 down.
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Reason I had to go with the 13175's is to allow 4 seats in the back. Pretty excited about the seats anyhow, they seem very comfortable and Roman has stated this as well. similar to the other berks I was considering (088's & 087's) but with a taller back for added head support.

BTW IR2BT in stock for PS3's at IR2BT.com
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how wide is a row of 4 with the loveseat option?
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Straight row is 118" a curved row is 124.5"
My room is 11'5" wide or 138" wide.

Someone asked Roman this during the powerbuy. Post 52
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Did you end up going with straight or curved in the back?
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Straight, the curve requires a deeper riser. Mine is 6 feet deep and couldn't really afford to go any further out. My understading is that they tend to have a very slight curve to them anyhow. Not 100% sure just what I previously heard.
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Sounds very similar to what the Coast Showtimes call "straight". I was looking at their seats and even the straight row had a slight bend. I need to go measure wall to wall.
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Looks like 109 inches from wall to wall along the back wall. Oh well, I guess I'll be sticking with 3 seats
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Too bad, just think of the money you'll save though .
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Ha! I'll only have 4 inches on each end of the row, but I like the look it will give. The front row will have a little more breathing room.

So, when you order and there's a 4 month lag, do they require full or partial payment up front?
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I was able to work out a 50% deposit and 50% before delivery deal with Roman. I can't say this is the norm or something anyone else would do. Roman's is a good person to deal with.
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Cool. I may look him up based on your recommendation. I'm still a ways out on seating, but if it's going to take a few months to build, then I should start thinking about it soon.
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