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GRiDLink GLT-200 - Converter Box

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Just noticed this model. I am not really interested as it doesn't have S-video but the price is right. $40!! So free after coupon. The is only the second box I have heard of (the first being the ECHOSTAR box) being priced at $40.

Specs and links below.




Over-The-Air Terrestrial 8VSB
Dolby Digital AC-3 Decoding
EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
V-Chip Lock (Parental Controls)
Close Captioning
Aspect Ratio 16:9 / 4:3
Picture Frame Freeze
Sleep Mode for Power Saving
Multi-Language Support
Compact and Stylish Design
Full Operation by Remote Control ATSC
Input Terminal: 75 Ohm Female F Connector
Receiving Frequency: 57 ~ 861 MHz, Channel 2-69
Bandwidth: 6 MHZ Demodulator 8VSB Video
Video Decoder: MPEG-2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
Input Format: Supports 1080p/1080i/720p/480p/480i
Video Output: Composite (RCA) out

Audio Decoder: Dolby AC-3 2 Channels, MPEG Audio


One year limited warranty





Fairly certain this last link is for something else as it states: Video/Audio Output: 1xRCA for CVBS, 3xRCA for YUV, 1xS-Video, 1xHDMI
But it seems to have the same model number
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This reminds me of the Sansonic converter, right down to the remote.

Update--it may indeed be the same box. A rear photo at http://www.egridlink.com/Attaches/_6...r-Box-Back.JPG shows "Designed by Falcon." They also designed the Sansonic converter:

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User manual is at


Didn't really look at it, but thought I would share
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Looks like all the other Falcon box right down to the remote.
But, in the PDF Manual Page 11 Antenna Setup Example Ch 20 "509.000Mhz" over technical? Then it also shows Signal Strength: bar and a Signal Quality:bar?
Maybe the Sansonic people could comment?
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It is a Falcon box here is the Sansonic FT300A DTV Converter Box Thread
MikeBiker said it is the same Manual and interface.
One thing is that it has no EPG just Channel Information/Program Information

One thing about the GLT-200 is that it is cheaper then the Sansonic if you buy from http://www.egridlink.com you just pay shipping
they told me about $10.00-$11.00 and $2.00 more if you want a second box.

I however think that I will pass on the Sansonic/Gridlink from initial reviews as it seams like it has less features then others.
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Anyone have any experience with the Gridlink GLT-200 Converter Box?

The web site is http://www.egridlink.com/products.aspx?PD=1
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Im a little leary of that gridlink website.. It ate my coupon and the order failed.
NTIA website said it was cashed in. The order process broke midstream.

From what I gather that box is the same box as the Lasonic and the Sansonic.

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If you filed a complaint, did they follow through and get your box shipped out? Some of the companies I've read about on here leave a lot to be desired in the customer service dept.
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Gridlink made by Falcon arrived today. Cannot get the remote working, and the box has no buttons except one. Tried a universal remote, does not work either. The box does send a setup screen to the TV via composite, though.
Requested an RMA. Return has to be addressed to Canada!! Asked the distributor to pay for all shipping, but have not heard anything yet.
Considering that the same very box can be had from Target as Sansonic for $22.50 including tax, and you can exchange it within 30 days if anything goes wrong with it, I think with this kind of reliability Gridlink is not worth the money - with shipping and handling I had to pay US$15.26 + coupon.
Generally speaking, Gridlink and its siblings Sansonic and Lansonic belong to local brick-and-mortar stores, unless you can negotiate free RMA shipping with Internet retailers upfront.
Might be a nice box, once fixed. I know I am not getting a TV guide on it, but neither I am getting it on my Sharp HDTV. Maybe people will restore QAM eventually on these Falcon boxes.
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At suggestion from this forum, I requested a replacement remote, instead of sending the box back. The remote arrived with fresh batteries, free of charge, and everything works now!

Now I have now two boxes off Internet and can compare them. One is DTVPal from www.dtvpal.com. Nice TV guide (the best among CECBs), analog pass-through, low sensitivity on channel 5-1 (NBC) on indoor anti-multipass array antenna. Well built, both box and remote. Price - $31.50 and you are harrassed a lot by Dish Network, trying to buy ONLY CECB from them and no satellite TV.

Another is Gridlink from www.EGridlink.com. No TV guide, except current channel info, very good tuner - channel 5.1 has good reception, no pass-through, box built solidly, but the remote is cheap (and first one faulty). Price - $15.50. Customer service is OK and friendly, shipped replacement remote fast.

Both boxes DO NOT see QAM channels on my Comcast cable (my LCD TV does). Any solution?
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Originally Posted by ASPushkin51 View Post

Both boxes DO NOT see QAM channels on my Comcast cable (my LCD TV does). Any solution?

No CECB box will decode QAM.
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Gridlink is located in California not Canada, I already bought 2 for myself in May and 2 for my parents lately, all of them work fine so far and both video and audio quality is much better than my cable.
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