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Westinghouse 42" WONT TURN ON ANYMORE!

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Hi guys I have no idea what happened but last night I was watching tv then it turned off all of a sudden (surge did not blow, lights still working, nothing unusual about the setup). Now, only the orange standby light is on and the TV will not turn on. I unplugged it but all it does once I replug it in is the orange light comes on then I press power and the big white W pops up but the TV does not go on. I have a warranty for a few more months but do you guys know what happened or what I can do to fix it? THE PLAYOFFS ARE TODAY!!!

I looked through some threads but I havent been able to find if anyone else is having this problem.

Its a Westinghouse 42" LCD HDTV 1080p TX-42F430S

Please help me!
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I'm having the exact same problem with my 47" TX. I'm only two weeks out of the warranty so Westinghouse won't even bother to help me.
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I had the 42" unit as well, went through 4 units with the EXACT same problem. only thing that resolved it for me was switching manufacturers.
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I ended up taking my 47" TX to a local LCD repair shop. He's taking a look at it but things it needs some circuit board replaced. Westinghouse thought it was the back-light.
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Finally received an estimate on my broken Westinghouse after waiting a month and several calls to the local repair shop. They quoted $700-something to replace the digital circuit board. Needless to say I'm not getting it fixed. Got a 47" paperweight for sale if anyone wants it!
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I bought a AS-IS TX-42F430S Part # TW-51122-C042A on eBay that would not power on after the W logo. After much reading here I tried upgrading (or downgrading the firmware, I am not sure since I couldn't see what was on it) to 1.30. After the firmware upgrade process finished I cycled power and it came right up. The HMDI ports did not work so I did some more reading and cycled power again without anything plugged in and then reconnected and everything is working like a champ.

Thank you AVS members for all your knowledge!
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I recently purchased a broken 42'' westinghouse lcd for 300 dollars. It had a solid amber light, and I thought this was fixable via the firmware flash. woe is me. The original symptoms besides the constant amber light included a smell of fried electronics near the power supply area and a constant electrical clicking when the power button was depressed. This led me to believe that since it wasn't fixable from a firmware flash that it must be a power issue. I purchased a replacement power supply for $100 with shipping and installed the new part. Interestingly enough the symptoms have reversed. The electrical clicking now starts the second you provide power to the motherboard. It stops when you depress power button. The amber light is still constant, i am unable to flash the firmware still.This leads me to believe that either this second psu is also bad, or my motherboard is faulty. I am going to have multimeter readings tomorrow. . .
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3rd tier TV's tend to have ridiculously priced parts because there aren't any new ones. Most 3rd tier parts are 'refurbished' or "green parts".
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Any advice as to how I should proceed?
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