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I just recently bought a KV-36HS20 from best buy. It was an open box and im getting a little worried about the picture quality. When I play DVD movies from my X-Box (using component cables, not monster brand) I notice jagged lines around the edges of objects and small black squares in darkness (not all the time) and some other things. Now I know the x-box is not progressive scan, but I don't remember seeings these problems with my 27inch JVC using S-Video. I did a side by side comparison on a few dvd's and the picture get's blurry during some fast motion on the Sony, but not on the JVC. Is it just because this sony is bigger and these things are now easier to see? Am I just being paranoid or is this a real problem? I have 15days before I can't return this and I dont want to get screwed on an openbox.