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Advent Prodigy Tower.. A good deal??

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A co-worker is looking to offload some Advent Prodigy Towers. They are in great shape, and he is looking to reduce the size of his collection.

He is asking $50 for the pair. I understand that these are after Advent was sold, so these aren't as in demand as the previous Kloss speakers.

Is this worth a look, or should I really be looking for something newer?
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Find out if these are the original Prodigy Tower or the Prodigy Tower II or later. Jensen broke the Advent tradition of acoustic suspension with the Prodigy Tower II. I think acoustic suspension speakers mate better with subwoofers.

The first Prodigy Tower was not video shielded, so don't put them near a CRT video display.

Ask if the woofer surrounds are rotting or have been repaired or the woofers have been replaced. There are a lot of Advents being sold on the Internet as "excellent condition" that have or have had woofer rot, for more money. An Advent that has had the woofers replaced isn't really an Advent anymore.

Many listener's have said that the Jensen Advents have better tweeters than the original Advents. Stereo Review once favorably commented on the clean, low distortion bass of the Advent Prodigy Tower.

I hope this helps.
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