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First Row Position  

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I'm setting up my new HT with Sharp 9000 and Grayhawk (116"x65" - 133" diag 16x9) screen. Where should I position the first row of seats? Is it 3x65" (195")?
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I think the general rule is the other way (1.5 X screen width) if you are running a constant width screen.

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If you have not yet purchased your Greyhawk, you may wish to consider a smaller Greyhawk or wait until the new Firehawk (higher gain grey screen) is available.
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I also remember 3 screen heights as the optimum viewing distance, but 1.5 screen widths is just as applicable. However, these are really optimum distances, you can go closer without having an unwatchable picture. With the Sharp 9000, you could probably get as close as 1 screen width without visible screendoor, but a DVD obviously wouldn't look it's best. It's a bit of a compromise on quality, but *you* don't have to sit in the front row! :D

Also, Scott is right, your screen is quite large and the Sharp may have some trouble producing a bright enough image with the Greyhawk. You should definitely wait and see what the Firehawk beta program produces, the product is showing at CES and should go out the beta testers in January. It's designed specifically for projectors like the Sharp 9000. You should check out Don Stewart's post earlier in this forum, they did some measurements and made recommendations on screens for the Sharp 9000.


Kam Fung
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I have seen both suggestions here (1.5xwidth and 3x the height) in print. Russ H. suggested that the height rule be used. I didn't ask why, but my guess is this is more independent of the ascpect ratio of the screen. However, there may be something to be said for picking a number that meet both criteria. Being too close is probably worse than being too far away. If the screen is perforated, you obviously want to be far enough away not to see the holes.

What seems to be missing in these rules of thumb is the ability to see scan lines, which would be a function of the projector itself. I have hacked a bit with the idea of making a test pattern on a laser printer to simulate the scan lines, then seeing how far away you need to be from the print out so the scan lines can't be seen. I'm not entirely sure how to set up the criteria.

For my first pass, I took a big screen (66 inches in height) and divided by 1024, which is the what the best DLPs will be or are doing. [My theatre is in the planning stage.] I came up with each scan line being 38 pixels in height on a 600dpi printer. I went into photoshop and made a test image that consisted of two lines 38 pixels high with a gap of 38 pixels between them. I had to be 26ft away not to see the gap. Then I realized I drafted something that the viewer should be able to see, so I determined the maximum distance from the screen where you can't see the detail.

I'm not sure how to make a test pattern for the minimum distance since I think I would have to know the distance between scan lines, which is a function of how the projector is built.

You would think the manufacturers would simply draft such a test pattern and let the customers make their own distance determination.
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Kam Fung is right. I can seat much closer that (1.5 X width) for HDTV but DVD look better further back.

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Thanks guys,

I'm in a little rush here, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait for the FireHawk. Do you know when it is supposed to be released (not beta but for consumers)?

If I can't wait for the new screen, I guess the best would be to get a smaller screen, right? What do you think would be the larger GrayHawk acceptable by the Sharp?
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