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DVD Upconversion

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Does Power DVD 7 Ultra upconvert SD DVD to 1080i?
Does Vista Media Center upconvert SD DVD to 1080i if I have nVidia Pure Video installed?
My TV only has a DVI input and does not tell me the signal quality like many newer sets do.
How would I tell, without being able to switch back and forth from an SD player to my HTPC?
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If you are outputting 1080i from your PC to your TV then your PC graphics card is upscaling the DVDs and is most likely doing the work when it is controlled by either PowerDVD or by MC.
Later generations of purevideo capable graphic cards do a better job.
Since all eyes are created differently only you can determine which one you think does a better job by switching back and foth. The prime difference is in the upscaling firmware in the PC graphics card as compared to the upsclaling firmware in your DVD player or TV's graphics chip.
I am not sure what you mean by newer TVs being able to give you the signal quality since signal quality is a feature normally associated with broadcast RF sources and not with sources such as VGA, Component DVI or HDMI.
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Newer sets will tell you the resolution of the signal they are receiving when you switch input sources.

My PC has an GeForce 8600GTS card with 512MB of memory. It also has an LG BD/HD combo drive.
If I understand you correctly, the software has to support upconversion for the hardware to actually do the work.
I have not seen anything in print that says PDVD7 upconverts. I did see mention that WINDVD9 does. Does that mean PDVD7 doesn't? I don't know. I have also seen, in print, that Pure Video upconverts. If I were to use the Vista Media Center Decoder Utility and change the default decoder to nVidia from the standard Microsoft decoder it should automatically upconvert when using Windows Media Player. Am I correct in my thinking?
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to add more to the confusion.
If the PC upscales to the output resolution, why do people use ffdshow to rescale the video?

Difference is quite noticeable. Not counting the sharpen postprocessing.
I rescale to 1080.
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I have used ffdshow on a test machine but not my full time HTPC. There is no way my wife would stand for all the tweaking necessary to use it.

Back to the original question though.
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