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STR-DG910 Optical Out?

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So, I'm really really interested of buying this receiver, however I have one small tiny problem/question:

My idea is to connect the PS3,Xbox 360 and my PC via dvi - HDMI to it, the Wii and the Sky via component, and then connect the receiver to my Bravia tv via HDMI.

Thing is I have a Home Theater from LG with rear wireless speakers, so I can't connect the speakers directly to the receiver, so I would have to run the signal from the receiver via optical to my LG Home Theater. And that home theater package features 1200 w of power..so I prefer that one really.

And here is my problem, some sites like Cnet, jr, bhphoto etc say it has 4 optical connections, and one of them is optical out, but on sonystyle.com it states it only has 3 digital optical outputs and none of them are able to output a signal.

Can someone that owns this receiver please tell me if it can output sound through digital optical?

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The STR-DG910 doesn't have an digital audio output (optical or coax). BTW, it does have 5 digital audio inputs (3 optical and 2 coax). Here's a picture.
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What would you recommend in form of receiver? I need to be able to connect my PS3 (HDMI), Xbox 360 Elite (HDMI), Sky (Component), Wii (Component) and PS (DVI-HDMI) to one receiver, and then let the receiver decode the stream and then send it to my LG Home Theater in a Box's optical input.

It has to be from Sony...I'd like to have something that can interact with my Bravia.
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Not a recommendation but an observation: the lowest priced Sony that has an optical digital audio output is the STR-DG1100. Independent of that, I'm not sure that your scheme will work. Good luck.
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