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Let's tell HBO what we wan-  

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I know this is not an HDTV recording subject but I wanted to just post this here to direct you who haven't seen this important issue in the programming section. Please place any comments there in the referenced thread.

AVS Member Fred DeGrandis has started a thread and petition drive to request HBO execs to offer even more HDTV programming and reverse their policy to air pan & scan HDTV movies.

The latest revised text of the petition is:

We are members of a home theater forum who have been sending in many
requests on the Talk to HBO section of your web site. Our comments range
widely from "More HD content" to broadcasting your movies in the Original
Aspect Ratio as the film was shown in the theaters.

We are subscribers to HBO HD and are happy with the overall viewing
experience; but, the majority of us feel that if you would change your
policy to showing movies in the Original Aspect Ratio, it would greatly
improve our enjoyment of your programming. We understand that making film
to HDTV tape transfers is an expensive process. We also understand that the
process of doing this in Pan & Scan by your present policy adds additional
cost to the process that, in reality, your viewers of HBO HD do not want.
You could save money and please your specific HDTV viewers by simply
changing your Pan & Scan policy so that all movies are presented in the
Original Aspect Ratio.

We recognize that HBO is doing its best to offer us more movies and HBO
Original programming in HDTV. We have seen this growth over the past year
and just want to say we appreciate your efforts. In a special request, we
would like to see the following future episodes in HDTV: OZ; Dennis Miller
Live; Arliss; Curb your Enthusiasm; Sex in the City; Six Feet Under; Inside the NFL; and, Boxing events.
HBO HDTV special programming like The Sopranos and Band of Brothers has been
very well received by us HDTV enthusiasts. We just want more of these in
HDTV and wish for you to make every effort to provide them.

By granting your HDTV viewers these two requests, you will have shown us you
care about what your fans of HBO HD want. We don't believe these two
requests are unreasonable and in fact, we believe the reversal of your Pan &
Scan policy on just your HDTV movies to showing them in OAR will reduce your
costs of film transfers.

Won't you please consider our requests and discuss the merits of them at
your next programming policy meeting? We are your audience, HBO, please
do not let us down.

If you agree, please support this effort by adding your name to the growing list at:


If you would like to read more about this petition and some comments already made about the issues check out this thread:


I feel a good show of numbers may get the changes we want and show HBO they do have a growing number of viewers of HBO HDTV.
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Okay Don, put my name on the list.

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453 and counting!
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This is completely off topic and shouldn't be in the HD recording forum. It needs to be moved to the HD programming forum.

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It may be off forum, but it's not off topic, particularly for folks that like to record OAR (like me). Thanks Fred for getting this rolling. Thanks Don for the reminder. I saw the post in programming a few days ago and forgot to circle back. I put this thread in the "public service" category of information.

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Yes, it is not a recording topic. But as stated above, it is a notification of an activity that is important to all interested in watching HDTV on HBO HD.

I did not intend for this to be a thread of discussion, see my first post. I only wish to bump it to the top on ocassion.

FYI- A similar post was made in many AVS sections. If the forum admins or moderators feel what I have done is inappropriate then I'm sure they will contact me and I will delete all my posts. I trust their judgement. There are many discussions that have little to do with the section posted and these have often remained.

Otherwise, we will let the thread die as soon as we reach our stated goal.
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I for one would like to see some of the older (but good) films shown in HD--like those wonderful MGM musical shot in 4 X 3. So whatever the original HR was, keep it that way!
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726 and counting
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