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must go bigger.. must go bigger

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So great, I moved into my new place about 6 months ago. Brought all my gear from the old tiny ass apt to this larger 1200 sq ft place.. I have a lovely dedicated room for my toys. its about 12x18, large archway on one side, and french doors on the other long side.

To be short, I have a dalite model b 92" screen that isnt cutting the mustard anymore with the 9-1/2' ceilings, and the genreal size of the room.

I want to go larger. Im thinking of about 9-10' wide.

Id like to go with a fabric based screen, 1x4 frame to stretch it on, then a seperate frame of 1x2's covered in velveteen to border it.

Will the general idea of building smaller diy screens still function for something this large?

I have the woodworking skills (apprentice custom furniture builder/designer)
Im mostly concerned with keeping it square, and the general apparance and performance.

My budget is around $150, If less, then great - more money towards a new sofa! If more.. well then I guess Ill be eating rice and beans for a month. I really only need to purchase the wood, screen material, and border material. I have everything else I could ever want to build it with here.

The room is light controlled, I have black out drapes, and sheer drapes, and a very shaded porch. My pj is a ptax100u. I'm slightly concerned with the usability of the screen later on (Id like to run a crt...)

Ill toss up some quick photos of the space tommorow.

I'm going to be painting it a mocha color I think?

Discuss? comments? questions? Concerns? pics of my partner in crime in her bathing suit in the room? Dont ask! haha
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Details of how I made my fabric screen (canvas) and painted it are listed below in my signature. Fabric like most hard materials become size (width) limited at some point. I selected canvas for several reasons and large width in rolls along with low cost and ease of painting. Black out cloth (BOC) is another material some people use as is or paint. your projector should have enough lumens to go big you may have to run it in one of the brighter modes though.
Your room color sounds good.
The paint you will want to use for your screen is another issue and there are many threads to look thru for help there. As for a CRT using the same screen in the future that's a tough question. I think if it were me I would build and select everything based on the projector you now have and if you did someday switch to a CRT cross that bridge when you come to it. Maybe repaint or something like that.

Is that a one piece or two piece by the way?
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two peice

Yeah, I figure with the crt, I can always gut the screen and use the fabric. Paint it or something. Who knows - by the time Im ready to upgrade 1080p digital units will be 1k.. I hope?

Yeah, The screen building is going to wait until I'm done painting ~ 2 months. I must figure out my plan of attack!

Ill get those pics up tonight after work and class.
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Right now I have a 118in BO screen and it works great for the budget and size. Got the BO at walmart.com. The only thing I find it lacking is contrast and deeper black, which I know paint the screen would solve the problem. For me, I am not sure I want to paint/spray the BO. So, in the future when I want to improve, I will most likely go laminate (wilson art) and paint that.

I would still recommend the route I went first. That way in the future, it's cheap to produce and a great starting point to see what's more ideal in the future when it comes to upgrade.

BTW, that's pair with the HC4900.
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