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Yikes ! CES warning  

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I am cross-posting this because I think it may be urgent for many folks here ...

I got an e-mail today from CES that I hope has saved me a trip for nothing.

Silly me, I thought I could attend CES as a private citizen -- with no company or trade affiliation needed. So I was surprised to see this e-mail saying I would need to show TWO FORMS OF ID to pick up my BADGE-HOLDER.

"TWO FORMS ?" I thought ? Yes, it turns out that you will need to show both a personal picture ID (driver's license, etc.) and one BUSINESS ID (business card, etc.) showing the company you represent at the show.

So ... I figured I was in trouble because I had 'cleverly' listed my "company name" when registering as "CONSUMER". I've gone back and changed my mailing info on my registration to my actual company -- for which I will be able to show a business card.

This is a security measure that was not in place last year. So if you did what I did, then you'd better hustle over and change your registration !

I am just hoping this is going to work. I hope I haven't pre-paid for a week's hotel and then get blocked from actually going into the show !
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I had phony business cards made at a local print shop for $2 a thousand, back quite a few years ago with my last name and Associates, worked every time. The best two I ever met at a CES was Yves Faroudja and Omar Bose. One video and one sound, I met Mathew Polk of Polk audio and finally found out what NHT stood for "Now Hear This".

My days of CES shows ended in 1985 in my disabling truck crash for the expenditure of power to wheel through a CES was too much. If they let me in on my 4 wheel scooter that would be different, but according to the association powered vehicles were not allowed. I would bet he would change that if he became disabled.
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