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RCA DTA800B - 3 days after setting up and having a perfect picture on my Toshiba, I now have the following problem.

I appreciate any help you can give to me with this problem. I am new to this forum.

The DTA800B goes to sleep, turns from green to yellow. When I turn the TV on and then push the box button on the remote - the yellow light goes out and no light appears. The TV will not work without the green light showing the box is turned on.

Prior to this problem I had a beautiful picture on my Toshiba TV and excellent sound. This box is less than a week old.

All I can find in the manual is to unplug from socket to reset the box. I have done this 100 times and left it unplugged for 24 hours but still the same problem. Also the manual said to check the Power SAVER that is set to go to sleep after 4 hours. I cannot get back into the menu on this TV to change the setting so it will never go to sleep and stay green all the time. But, I suggest if I had done this in the beginning I would perhaps not have this problem now.

I have another DTA800B connected on another TV and have not had this problem. But, I did go into the menu and click to keep the power from sleeping. I am afraid this box will do the same as the one I have the problem with. I do not understand why the manual does not address more troubleshooting and the website listed in the manual has given no response to my email.

Has anyone else had this problem and solved it? Thanks in advance!