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Sony HT 7200 DH info, reviews, etc.

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I made this thread for information by anyone who purchased the new Sony HT 7200 DH. If you have, or have heard it, please give us your opinion on it.

I plan on getting it, so I'll toss a review down as well.
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Originally Posted by nimbus0_0 View Post

I made this thread for information by anyone who purchased the new Sony HT 7200 DH. If you have, or have heard it, please give us your opinion on it.

I plan on getting it, so I'll toss a review down as well.

I had planned on getting it but heard the sub/speakers that it came with where not so hot so ended up piecing together something better.
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You can say that about any set of HTIB speakers. BTW, I once owned an HT-7000DH (2006 version of the 7200). It had the identical speakers as the 7200 has now and they weren't awful.
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I just got my HT 7200 DH and speaker stands from Amazon. Well, I got it about 2 hours ago. I'm connecting it to my Sony 40" V3000. I'll let you know what I think.
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Well, so far it's ok. I have to turn the volume up to about 35 to hear surround. Bad thing is, having it play 2 channel stereo through all speakers sound better than the normal surround sound. I was watching The Matrix (HD) on the Apple TV. I'll test 300 on Blu-ray.

I'm not "wowed" yet, but it's not bad. I'm a HTIB n00b, but I'll do a little more testing.
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Looking forward to that review, Nimbus. I'm a HTIB noob also so this system might be perfect for me. Samsurd successfully talked me out of the Sony DAV-HDX275.

I'm also interested in the Samsung 720 and now the Yamaha YHT-390. The Yamaha doesn't have a DVD player or upscaling, but I'm planning on getting a PS3 in the next few months so that's not a big deal.
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Just out of curiosity, does the hdmi audio work when the tv is off?
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I haven't tried using HDMI audio when the TV is off.

One thing I don't like is all the damn wires behind the receiver. The wires going to the speakers are ok because they go under things like my rug. I just have to tidy up the situation behind my receiver.

Still gotta test more, but I want my rear surround speakers to be louder. Voice coming from the center and two fronts sound "ok" but not that great. I'm going to try repositioning them. Small effects sound pretty good. I'm hearing things that I didn't notice before on movies from the rear surround speakers.
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There might be a button or menu for speaker levels.
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how powerful is the overall sound? I'm not looking to blow the roof off, but it would be nice to know I could . . .
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It can get rather loud. I live in a smallish size apartment. It goes up to 70, but I watch movies around 50-55 in the day time. At night, around 40 since I don't want to bother the neighbors.

I didn't try turning the sub all the way up. I have it powered at about 65-75%.

My main gripe is that I'd like the voices to come through better. They sound pretty good, but they can get lost in sound effects if you don't have it up loud enough...though that's normal. You can hear the voices just fine on any legible volume, I just want it to be more prominent.

Listening to just music...it's pretty good. No complaints.

Little sounds from movies come through pretty well on volumes of 35 and higher. Again, I'm hearing stuff that I didn't know was there. It's like I'm experiencing the movie for the first time. It makes me appreciate sound. My main test was The Matrix. You know the scene where Morpheus is explaining the matrix to Neo, how the machines want to turn humans into a "battery"? The part where the camera comes through the TV that they are watching, the "TV signal sound" is really clear. Lots of details in sound that I didn't know was there.

I still have to test a Blu-ray movie! But if you have questions, let me know.

I need to look into the speaker levels. As for power, again, I could probably almost blow my roof off, but I have a small place.
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Ok. I found out how to tweak the speaker levels. That helped a lot. They were set at 0. You can go up to 10. I tried the center, rear left and rear right at 10. I put the sub level at 7. The fronts, you can only balance them...so I didn't touch.

Voice sounded a lot better. Movies sound good at 40. I went to 70 and it wasn't unbearable. It was just loud. Music is at volume 20, and loud at 40. I didn't go higher because it was damn loud...I'm guessing that going beyond 55 would be unbearable, at least it seems to me.
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awesome, thanks!
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It also came with an upscaling DVD player, but I didn't try it. I actually don't even have it connected. I'm going to wait until I get another HDMI cable to connect it with.
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The upscaling DVD player is a plus but not a huge deal. I'll be getting a PS3 in the next several months, which I believe can upscale regular DVDs also.

I just found out the Yamaha YHT-390 is HDMI video pass-through only so it does not process PCM. I'm still not convinced I'll be able to tell the difference between TrueHD and DD unless I upgrade the speakers. Do you think you can tell the difference on this system?

Before you said you weren't "wowed" - now that you found the speaker levels are you "wowed" -- I'm a AV n00b also so it probably won't take much, but I definitely want to be "wowed" by my new system. Thanks, Nimbus.
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Well, I'm a n00b, but I usually have high expectations lol.

I don't know if I'm actually able to tell the difference between TrueHD and DD. But the more I listen to this thing, the more I like it. I can't imagine going back to no surround sound. The room would feel empty and flat.

I have a PS3. When I watch Blu-ray movies on the PS3, the receiver sets itself according to the movie. I can't adjust the sound preferences. For instance, when I watched 300, the receiver showed "PCM 48". For some other things, it'd say "PCM 44". When using the Apple TV, it'd let me change stuff. Nonetheless, it sounds good.

I'd get this if you have a PS3. This or the HT CT100 if you don't like wires. It took me a good bit to set up along with the speaker stands that I bought from Amazon ($35 for a pair). Also, I got two more remotes, bringing me to a total of 6: one for the receiver, one for the upscale DVD player, one for my PS3, one for my HDTV, one for my cable box, and one for my AppleTV. I have too many remotes!

I guess I can consider myself "wowed", it's just that I get used to things fast. When I got my Sony 40" V3000, I was very happy, but I got used to it after a week. I still love it, but I'm not writing love letters to it lol. I'm now used to the surround sound. I wouldn't want to do without it, since it feels like a normal thing now (that I appreciate).

All in all. I'm happy with the HT 7200 DH. There's always better (and worse) things, but for the money...this thing is good. If you're a total n00b, you'll love it.
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You should be able to change sound preferences on the blue ray disc itself and the ps3. I know on the ps2 you had to hit stop once or twice to change certain things. Receiver pro logic IIx modes are only for stereo input.
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I just picked up this package yesterday. I'm having a show-stopper problem as I can't get component video to pass through the HDMI connection. Am I just expecting too much?

Scenario: DVD and Xbox360 connected through component to receiver, and PS3 and Cable box through HDMI. PS3 and cable works, but the DVD or Xbox360 doesn't output any video. I do get sound through the speakers though.

I've read through the manual and found nothing that would indicate that this shouldn't work. Anyone else tried this?
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You might have to go component out from receiver to tv. (Or is it composite with the yellow plug?)
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Yeah, that's what Sony support told me too. Kind of defeated the point of the receiver for me. I ended up return the kit, and "upgraded" to one that support Component/Composite/S-Video upconversion to HDMI.
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What did you get?
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I'm thinking about this system, but could someone who has it do me a favor? I'd like to know the dimensions of the speakers themselves. Thanks!
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Originally Posted by tamahome02000 View Post

What did you get?

I ended up buying a ONKYO TX-SR805, and the Infinity TSS-800 speaker set.
The only thing I don't like about it is that it only upconverts 720p and lower signals but not 576p. (I play PAL DVD's all the time)..
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Another request for speaker dimensions for the HT 7200 DH. Your help is greatly appreciated!
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I just finished hooking up my 7200 with my Samsung 52" DLP 1080p. (I must admit, the first DVD I played was Bocelli's concert, Under the Desert Sky--awesome on its own.) I am VERY impressed with the sound quality that the system generates!! I haven't even calibrated the speakers yet and am still playing around with settings, so I'm sure I've not yet heard all it can do. One thing I found, particularly being very new to HD....get a receiver (like this one) with as many HDMI connections as possible!!! It makes hooking things up extremely simple and you get the most out of your HD components--on this receiver, I just ran everything (cable box/DVD/old CD player) through the HDMI/audio inputs and one HDMI output to the TV and presto!!, everything looks great and sounds great. From the standpoint of the ratio of value and function to cost, this Sony system really is a decent HTiB.

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Just got the Sony HT-7200DH hooked up to my Samsung LN52A550 LCD. I have the Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray player and my Comcast HD cable box connected via HDMI. When the fourth HDMI cable arrives from monoprice, I'll also hook up the up-scaling DVD player that came with the Sony.

The Sony HTiB sounds terriffic. The speakers are substantial, and the woofer is more than adequate to fill our small home theater. This is my first real surround sound system, and it's simply fantastic. Watched the Lambo and tunnel scenes from the Dark Knight -- excellent sound, big explosions, and more than loud enough (very loud at ~40).

One thing I will say is that the HDMI-CEC doesn't work exactly right. Before we bought the HT-7200DH, we had the Samsung HT-Z410 for a couple weeks (the salesman sold it to me when I bought the TV). Anynet+ is pretty slick. You could power-on the receiver from the TV remote, control the receiver volume, control the BD player, and power everything off with one click. Unfortunately, the TV does not "see" the Sony receiver in the same way (though it does see the BD player). This, despite the fact that this receiver allegedly recognizes HDMI-CEC signals (through Sony's Bravia Theatre Sync). This page says it will work, however, I cannot power-on or control the volume with the TV remote. It will, however, power-down with the TV power button (so there's some communication there). I can still control the BD player, but it doesn't all work together as well.

I really wanted Anynet+ to work, so I thought a lot about getting the Samsung HT-AS720. However, it only had two HDMI ins and no component ins. I wanted room to grow, and the Sony strikes me as more of a "real" receiver with three HDMI ins, three component ins, and many other options (as well as Dolby Cinema sound and auto-calibration). Furthermore, Anynet+ malfunctions when you connect a STB to the HT-AS720 (see the posts in the HT-AS720 thread), so I would have had to run the cable box through the TV with the digital audio in to the receiver (i.e., to watch regular TV, I was going to have to use three remotes anyway (TV, STB, and receiver)). As it stands, I'll probably just get a Harmony remote. I'll also add that when we had the HT-Z410, there were times when Anynet+ wouldn't work. A couple times (in only two weeks), I had to power-cycle the receiver just to get the TV to see it. Seems like they're still working out the bugs with HDMI-CEC. Maybe there will be a firmware upgrade for my TV that will make it play nice with the Sony.

So, all of that said, the Sony is a really great receiver. The speakers are robust and do a really good job. I highly recommend this HTiB. Feel free to ask me any questions. I got a lot out of this forum before I made the purchase. Hopefully, I can help others. For the money, I don't think anything else comes close.
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Just got these a week ago, they sound great although the subwoofer is a bit on the weak side even when cranked up. I was using a Logitech z-5500 before this and its subwoofer was massive.

Going to ebay the upconverting DVD player because I have a PS3...and still waiting for my 46PZ85u to come on Wednesday...can't wait!

Anybody know if you can connect another sub with this? (Assuming the sub has the same port) Such as a Polk Audio or a Energy one?

I'll get the speakers dimensions and post em once I get home. I mounted them on the wall, using tiny black shelf supports for the front/center speakers and a just a big screw for the surround ones.
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So, I bought the Harmony 550 remote. It's mother f'ing fantastic. I can't believe I was all hopped up on Anynet+. It's not like my TV remote was going to be able to control my STB/PVR. The Harmony works perfectly with everything (TV, BD player, DVD player, receiver, PVR). Power on, power off, switching from activity to activity, controlling volume, tracking the state of each device. It took about 20 minutes to set up and now it works flawlessly.

I may sound like a commercial here, but take it from me -- don't worry about HDMI-CEC. I'm so glad I didn't buy the Samsung HT-AS720. The Sony works very, very well.
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I received my ht-7200 last week and need help with the connections. The 3 HDMI in's are labled video 1, 2 & 3 on the back. The input select is labeled Sat, DVD and BR respectively. I assumed that I could use HDMI exclusively and connect as follows:
1=Digital cable DVR
2=the upscale DVD that came with it (not now but may open the box and connect this later)

My DVR is a cisco from comcast and I don't have the model number handy. The TV is a Samsung HL67A750 and is connected via HDMI out on the receiver --> HDMI video 1 on the TV.

Here are my issues:
1. The Sat input will not display video to the TV. Audio is fine but the TV screen displays an error that says something like "..your tv does not support HDMI. Use component video connections .." and it has a picture of the connections. If I move the DVR connection to the DVD input (video 2) it displays just fine. It also works fine on the BR connection or when the DVR is connected directly to the HDMI connection to the TV. I don't know if the DVR or the sony is displaying the message, so I'm not sure which tech service to call.

2. the PS3 playing standard DVD's displays what I consider poor quality video. Any thought here? A setting on the PS# or receiver perhaps? Game play video is very good.

3. The overall video quality of the DVR or PS3 is not as good through the ht-7200 as when connected directly to the TV. This is especially true on SD broadcasts.

I'm a noob with thick skin. Tell it like it is if this belongs somewhere else or is unclear. I have learned a lot by reading this site and appreciate the knowledge you guys have, even though I only understand 1/2 of it.
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will this receiver be a good fit for mypanasonic 35k bluray player? i get confused with the receiver/blu ray player decodes this and that audio, so you have to choose player and receiver to match the other precisely

i was thinking about getting the onkyo 606 but thats just overkill. i only need this for blurays, hd satellite receiver, and xbox 360
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