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What is a 169time dtc100?  

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hi this forum is great, just reading about dtc100 when 169time came up, and now I am confused. Just ordered my dtc100 to relace my mits hd5 cuz of permanment black bars, and that was to replace my panny cuz it was too noisy and way too slow. I hope the dtc100 works well with my panny 36" hdtv. Can anyone tell me what 169time is and if they have this combo dtc100 with a panny tv. Thank you Delynn..Costa Mesa, Ca
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Assuming you had a mits hd-500 with the latest upgrade it supports both gray and black bars. Prior to the upgrade it only supported gray bars. Never has this box only supported black bars only. If you are running a 4:3 hdtv set and have upper and lower black bars I think you are sol regardless of the stb.

If you want to know more about 169time go to their website or do a search, there is a long and sordid history there.

Caveat Emptor

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The Dtc100 with the 169time upgrade works great. Many of us have it now. The problems with the pan dst50 are solved with the dct100 169time mod product. Be glad to try to answer any other questions or forward them to Richard.

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A DTC-100, modified by 169time, has a IEEE1394 interface. It will allow you to view/listen to DVHS tapes made by a Panasonic PV-HD1000 DVHS VCR. It will also allow you to record OTA DTV programs on the Panasonic.

If current plans work out, it might be upgradeable to allow you to record/playback DirecTV HDTV. This is still in progress and may or may not ever be available. Time will tell.

They have had serious problems in the past fulfilling previous orders. This issue dates back over a year. Some AVS members have accused 169time of fraudulent business practices. Recently, respected AVS member Richard Adams has accepted responsibility and has started to rebuild the 169time name and reputation. Another AVS member, h20fun (Dave), is the prime contact that other members have used to work with Richard and get 169time to live up to their commitments. A number of members have posted that Richard has shipped their product and has assisted them with HDTV recording using the 169time modification.

Do a search for 169time and AVS members Richard Adams & h20fun for a lot more information.
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thanks for the summary. There is so much to read through, it is easy to get lost.
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