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Home Theater on a Budget

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I am moving in to a bigger place and will have room to have a small theater setup. The living room is about 12x15. I am picking up a Samsung LN52A550. I also have a pair of older Polk Audio RT55's that I was thinking about using as fronts. So I need a receiver (current receiver is old and beat from college abuse), a center channel speaker, rears, and a sub if needed (I'm thinking 5.1 at this point). I like Polk, but I have no strong feelings about staying with them. My HD sources are HD cable and there will be a blu-ray player in my future (not included in this purchase). I don't have an exact budget in mind, but I will say this. BANG FOR THE BUCK. I want a good sound, but I don't want to spend a ton as I have just dumped money into the TV. Thanks ahead of time.

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You are really going to have to give a budget.

Recievers are going to be best researched in the Amps, recievers, and processors section.

When I help people on tight budgets, I almost always suggest Parts Express Subs.

Where else can you get two decent 12" powered subs for $300-ish...
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For the sub:


For the Receiver:


For the Rears:


For the Center:


At least that is what I would do. Just shy of $900, and you have a Receiver that you can keep for a long time, that has HDMI inputs, a decent Center speaker, an awesome Sub-woofer, and some decent rears. Of course, you can always skimp a bit and get a better valued sub woofer, but I'd recommend that receiver to you regardless.
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