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how many DVD players do you have hooked to a single display?

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I was think I have several machines capable of DVD playback hooked to my TV. Each has a primary ability other then DVD playback.

For me
A1 HD-DVD player
Samsung upconverting player.
Panasonic DVD recorder
Xbox 1 with DVD playback kit.

So that makes 5. The samsung is going to be disconected soon as my PS3 works better. As the samsung is a an older DVI player. I've also connected a Phillips multi-region player for my pal discs

If I include machines hooked to my audio system with CD playback its much more
2.samsung upconverting player
3.laserdisc player
4.A1 HD-DVD player
5.CD recorder
6.xbox 1
7.5 disc CD changer
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I have a home theater.

1 x Comcast HD cable box
1 x HD-A3 player (not used much but good for on the fly disks)
1 x HTPC (a purple HD player that plays off my media server. primary device)
1 x Onkyo Receiver

Been thinking about getting rid of the HD DVD player as it is redundant.
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main TV:

60GB PS3, XBOX360 Elite w/ HD DVD addon, PS2, Toshiba A3 and JVC 7 Disk Changer

Bedroom TV:
40GB PS3, Toshiba A2 and Onkyo 5 Disk Changer
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if we're counting game consoles, then 3. 360/ps3/hd-a2
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HT Display:

PC (has DVD drive but I never use it on the display)

Son's HDTV:

PS2 (only used for gaming)


2 DVD players in the closet.
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Just one for me, my setup.

TiVo S3
Sony DG(r?)-810

All connected via HDMI, then a HDMI cable to my Westy 42W2
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Just the HTPC. Nothing else.
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Just one for all my setups.
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In my HT, just the PS3. In my living room, just a Sony 5 Disc DVD Changer.
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Never thought about it. Right now, have an LG BH200 dually player, a Dreamcast (doesn't count), an X-Box, and a PS/2. Will have a wii shortly as well. But the only thing I play DVD on is the LG BH200 - no reason to play it on anything else.

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I have six digital/analog disc players in my main viewing room:
1. HTPC (with DVD/CD drive)
2. Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player
3. Sony Playstation 3
4. Microsoft Xbox 360
5. Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player
6. Pioneer CLD-D704 Laser Disc/CD/CD-Video player

A couple of those are likely to go away, though.
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Video disc capable players connected to a single display?

No problem:

1) Pioneer DV414, LG DVB418, Samsung BDP-1000, Toshiba HD-A2.
2) Denon DVD2900, Pioneer CLD-D704, RCA HDV-5000, Samsung BDP-1000, Toshiba HD-A2

Number two also includes two JVC S-VHS players !
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The PS3 is my only DVD player
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I've got 4:
- Xbox
- PS3
- Toshiba E1 HD DVD
- Pioneer HDD/DVD-recorder

But, I rarely use the xbox and the pioneer, as I've also got a Popcorn Hour and a PVR. Also, even though I have 4 players capable of playing DVDs, I almost never actually use the physical discs anymore. I'm in the process of copying all my DVDs to a fileserver, so that I can access them over network with the Popcorn Hour. All of my recent purchases are already on HDD, and I expect to copy the rest of them over the summer.
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I have a Pioneer 45A (now used mostly for SACD and DVD-a playback), an A3 for HD-DVD and a Panasonic BD30 for Blu-ray.
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3 for me.

Xbox 360
Panasonic BD30
Oppo 981HD

I love them all .
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I have four in my theater room. Samsung 1400. Toshiba A35, Sony 995 changer and an Oppo 970 for all region. I have three in my TV room . Samsung 1000, Toshiba A1 and a Malata for all region.
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Currently 3 is the most on my main display

#1) LG BH200 for Blu-Ray (may move this into the bedroom should I get another Blu standalone or PS3)
#2) Toshiba HD-A20 for HD DVD's (the BH200 has compatibility issues) and SD DVD upconversion
#3) Philips 3575H/37 upconverting DVD recorder for well...recording

Not for DVD's
Sharp VHS player
Dish Network vip622 sat. receiver plus HD DVR
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3 for me as well..

1) Panasonic BD10A (For Blu-Ray, DVD-Audio and SDVD)

2) Zenith 318 (for multi-region and PAL)

3) XBox 360 (Rarely used as a DVD player)
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Two: Oppo 980H, and my computer (not a HTPC, just an old laptop connected through S-video).
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Just two. Panny BD 30 for video playback and some kind of a Sony DVD player so I can keep a CD in the drive. I really need to figure out a media extender. I bought a Yammy 3800 thinking it would cure my streaming audio problems but the network port keeps failing. Once I get a media extender going on the Sony will probably be donated to some one.
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R0 DVD player
Tivo DVD burner

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PS3, XBox 360, HD-XA2, HTPC
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1, sometimes 2 or 3:

HD-A30, sometimes PS2, sometimes laptop.
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4, now that I think about it: PS3, HD-A2, Denon 556 and PS2
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I have 3.

Toshiba XA2 - used for upconvert of SDs and HD DVD playback
Panasonic BD30 - used for Blu-ray playback
Denon 3910 - used for CDs, DVD-A, and SACD playback & Region 2 PAL discs.

All hooked up via HDMI to Denon 4308AVR -> to Pioneer 6010 Kuro.

I am a happy camper!
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I have 4 & 3 ... no wait ... too many

On the projector front,

Toshiba A1
Toshiba A30
LG BH200
Panasonic BD10

On the Plasma

Toshiba A20
Samsung 1200
Xbox HD drive (& normal Xbox DVD)
Pioneer DVR

On the Computer monitor

Samsung 5000
Venturer HD DVD
Xbox HDDVD on PC
LG Blu burner on PC

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I have 4 hooked up in my movie room:

Xbox 360
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Technically 3. I only ever use 2 for DVD playback though. All feeding the same FP.

1. Sony PS2 via component - haven't used this for DVD in years, fortunately
2. HTPC (TheaterTek) via DVI - primary DVD player
3. Sony PS3 via HDMI - used for BR/games, and for DVDs that the PC DVD-ROM balks at
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My newest LOVE/Pride and joy the LG BH200,a region free Pioneer,and a PS2.
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