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Thanks much Felswc!

Just a few updates, I have another projector I got from a friend, The InFocus SP4800 DLP Projector.

Though not as good as my Sony VPL-AW15 it still has a decent picture. I am just debating as to what this spare projector can be used for? Any ideas are welcome!

The floor is getting closer and closer to being finished, im really getting excited about it (Mainly because the floor is wearing me down!). Once the floor is finished the rest is all easy finish work!

Also, if at all possible I am going to try and pick up a Blu Ray player soon, I need some form of an HD Video player aside from my cable! I may also be picking up a HD DVD Player due to the titles released on HD DVD that didnt get on blu ray.

For now I keep on truckin!
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Well I am 21 today, wheres my free alcohol! Today I am taking a day off from the basement to enjoy myself, tomorrow life resumes as it did yesterday!



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Well, Its been a while, a long while, but...

The Floor is DONE!:| and so are some other things,

Walls have been finished, new stairway stringers/risers/treads done, Did manage to get some trim up (just need to finish 3 peices)

I still have to install all the electronics yet, my built-in cabinet hasnt been started yet, hoping to get on that this coming week.

There are still some other odds and ends that need to be finished, but I was getting heavily harassed to have a LAN party, so I have to take this weekend for that.

It seems my friend finally found my old HT Pictures :S they arent on here anymore,

I will see if I still have the old pics, and also I WILL TAKE SOME NEW PICS FINALLY! Probably will post them later today.

I will need advice on a couple things though.

First problem is the side surround speakers, where to put them? I have no wall on the left side (if facing projector screen) and do not feel comfortable leaving my speaker free stand in the middle of the room, the right side I dont have enough room for it to sit on the stand.

I was considering buying the Jamo E 8SUR.2 speakers because they are more able to be placed.... I gues is how to put it.

Second is where to put my old sub, I would still like to use it, but it cant really be around the seating area, since the seating area is big enough for a small 3 seater couch or 3 chairs.

When I get the pics on today, if any of you have ideas I am all ears, (and eyes) for your opinions.

Pics to follow in a few hours!
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Ok I lied, the pics wont be up until friday afternoon, I got the place all cleaned up, so it will be pic worthy then :P,

The setup you will see is permatemp. Some will stay the way it is, some will not, for now (this weekend) it is good enough!
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Well hello there again everyone,

I'll bet you are all wondering what happened with the pics, and the HT progress that was going on a few years ago....

Well lets just say that even I am not invincible to the economic downturn this country has been taken over with. I had some setbacks which caused me to completely avoid working on the home theater.

Needless to say it is not done, but it has gotten a bit further than the years past. Even being dirt broke cant keep me away from enjoying what I love. Now that I am not dirt broke anymore I have started getting this project back into action.

The floor is complete, I have the new oak treads for the basement stairs finished, the walls for the stairway finished. I need to redo one of the walls (I had a 55 gallon aquarium in place as some of you may know). I no longer have that and as a result am going to modify that wall for my new projector.

I have ditched the digital Sony and gone ANALOG I now use a NEC XG1100 Air Coupled CRT Projector. I was very hesitant at first to get into CRT. However, after a couple of freebie ones I came across, I really liked it and decided to get a half way decent one, the XG.

I have also replaced my A/V receiver with a new one, as with most of the equipment I had at the time.

For those of you who surf Curt palmes website for CRT stuff, you already know what some of my equipment is and looks like

For the rest of you who havent been there, I will get some photos of my equipment taken. Please keep in mind that my setup is not done, not even close. I need to replace the furniture, tear out my homebrew rack and build a double rack unit, and my equipment is scattered throughout the house as well at the moment.

I dont have enough room in the current rack to fit my equipment (especially the AVR 5805) so it sits where it fits :P

It's good to be back here!! I missed all of the fun discussions!
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