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anyone know of a cheap receiver that can do tri stereo? it would only be used to drive the outdoor speakers.
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Anything with PLII will work. Just tell it you don't have rears and it will work. PLII is a great algorithm, IMO, somewhat better than tri-field, at least for separation and clarity. Trifield is too warm for me generally, though it makes crappy sounding recordings sound pretty decent. I used to demo it with Van Halen II.
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bumping this old thread since im about to buy either the speakercraft oe8 or the bogen a6 armadillos.

can anyone comment on how the armadillos are holding up? im interested in the dents caused by shipping and if the material has peeled over time with weather exposure.

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Very happy w/my A8s. Sound very good, and no degradation over time despite the slight blemishes.
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thats great news. thanks for the reply.

coldmachine, you still have the a8's? how do you like them?
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Have a pair of A6's installed on my patio running on a Sonos ZP100 for about 4 years now. Absolutely love them! I live in CA so the elements aren't too bad, but they have held up excellently - no discoloration and no change at all in performance.

I originally found out about the A8s in this thread and ordered a pair. Unfortunately, they were too big and didn't pass the spouse test so I ordered the A6s and installed them. Still have the A8s in my garage with a secret plan to swap them out at some point and see if she notices... biggrin.gif

Anyway, I would highly recommend to anyone looking into outdoor speakers.
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Hi. Any subwoofer recommendations for any of your setups? Those with A6 and A8's only please. 


Thanks in advance.

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still running a pair of A8's outdoors at ground level by pool powered by a Crown CDi1000: still love the sound

never saw an outdoor sub that would match up with them: not sure it is necessary
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Hmmm. Thank you.


I find it common amongst people with outdoor speakers that they never have subs. Its hard to believe that they couldn't sound better with a sub. This is my opinion without hearing these A6 and A8's by the way. As much as i want great accuracy i also want to feel the low vibrations of bass you get from say reggae music. 

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Hello again. Anyone else have any feedback on subwoofer recommendations for your outdoor setups? 


Thanks in advance.

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