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Mits. DLP blowing bulbs!!!

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I have a Mitsubishi WD-52631 that I have had for less than 10 months it is still under warranty but I'm on my third bulb (blown two). Cant get a hold of cust. service on Saturday because they are not open but I was wondering I don't want to replace 2 bulbs or more a year after it is out of warranty. What will Mits. do for me.....Send off to get repaired.....Send me a new TV.....or tell me to screw off. A new TV would naturally be my choice but I doubt that will happen. Thoughts?
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Good question. I have the 57831 and the lamp went out at 3200 hours but started showing loss of brightness between 2500 and 3000 before it quit one day. Everyone on this forum has had short lamp life problems so it appears Mits misrepresented their lamps lifespan and I only bought a DLP based on a false replacement schedule that I now have to double. I luckily havent had an air sensor issue like some but I have noticed that my cooling fan only seems to run for about 15 -20 seconds after the set turns off and I don't know if that is long enough for reasonable cooling, Mits customer service won't tell me when I ask them I may need to ask a tech.
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Something is wrong. What are Mits lamps supposed to be rated at for life?

10 months at 8 hours a day would be only 2400 hours total time.

Does the set have adequate ventilation?

The original bulb in my Sony 60XS955 LCD RPTV lasted 10,000 hours.
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Its not even 10 months of use on one bulb it is split between two bulbs making that number only 1200 hrs. The first bulb I used the TV like a crt TV the second bulb I only cycled power once a day so if in the morning I turned on the TV I left it on until I went to bed that night and if I didnt watch TV that day it never got turned on. still didnt help.
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I have a 57732 (from the same model year--I originally had a 52631 then returned it after Fry's put the 57732 on sale for $1 cheaper within 30 days.) I have likely 2000+ hours on the same set with no issues.

Did you leave it in torch (brilliant) mode, or did you set it to natural and calibrate it?
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natural and played with settings not calibrated professionally or anything. But even if it had been on any factory mode anything under 5000 hrs is unexceptable in my opinion.
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