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Really need some advice on HT/Office setup....

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Construction began on my third floor office last Wednesday. It is going to be my home office but I am taking my 42" Hitachi plasma (98lbs) from my current downstairs office and moving it into this room. I have a few questions and would really appreciate some suggestions.

1. I want a mount that is full motion TV mount to allow for swiveling to the back corner of my room. I bought a Sanis mount for $399 (seems pricey compared to what is at SAM's Club). Any suggestions?

2. I purchased a Denon AVR788 Receiver, a pair of Moderno Sonance in-wall M6 speakers and a 16' in-wall Moderno Sonance MD10 subwoofer. This is only 2 channel stereo setup as my main intent for this room is an office. I just didn't want to waste the opportunity to at least put some type of media center while construction was going on. The only other components I will have will be a cable box and my xbox 360 (plan on using that for my media). All of these components will go on the inside right of the closet - see drawing). Anything else you would suggest?

3. I am looking for the most effective remote control for this room as everything but my plasma will be behind a wall. A home theater company is quoting me $300 for a Universal Remote (forget the model #) but it would be using infrared and some type of mini-target and emitter kit. Any suggestions?

4. Since I have purchased all of the equipment they want to charge me the following - $300 to mount TV, $199 for interconnects necessary to integrate home theater components and $399 for stereo/expansion zone - pre-wire and setup).. Is this acceptable?

5. My main PC/network will remain downstairs and I have them running CAT5 from my network to my third floor for the Xbox 360 as well as for my internet connectivity for my work laptop. Xbox should be able to handle my need to pull music off of my network downstairs, correct? Running vista.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. Please see attached drawing.
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need to add an in-wall center channel assuming the denon has an active 3 channel mode(ctr, sub, l&r).
we charge 125./hr + materials on installs...u have between 4-6 hrs + remote and interconnects (usually figured @ 2-300.)
we use omnimount so that figure for the sanus is not outa line.
thanks, alan
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I think most folks on the forum don't know what an installer would charge to do this work because it's the kind of thing we would probably do ourselves.

To give you an idea of what some of the pieces cost:

The gizmo that will relay infrared commands from a remote to your components in the closet is probably something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Hidden-IR-Syst...1210570&sr=8-5. Installation is easy.

The remote might be something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Remo...213433&sr=1-19. Universal Remote has a fairly large lineup of remotes, so your installer might be talking about something at a different price point. Buying the remote is the easy part, though, and your installer's price should include programming it to control your specific components, as well. I'm not familiar with Universal Remote's products so I can't say how hard it would be to program it, yourself. I do know from my own experience that Harmony remotes are easy to program. A similar Harmony remote might be like this: http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmo...213817&sr=1-12.

An articulating-arm mount for your flat screen can easily run $100-$200. Monoprice now offers its own articulating-arm mount at a much more attractive price point: http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2. I haven't seen this unit but the consumer reviews on the Monoprice website are very positive. Using one of these mounts is fairly straight forward for a reasonably-competent DIYer, assuming you can get someone to help you lift the screen up onto the mount. This strikes me as the most difficult part of your project.

If you have an open wall (i.e., no drywall yet), installing in-wall speakers is pretty easy for anyone with basic DIY skills. The hardest part is usually getting speaker wire to the correct location, and that's easy if your walls are still open. Of course, your installer should have a lot of knowledge and experience about where to locate the speakers and how to prevent problems down the road. You could get much of the same information by doing research at this site and others, but it would cost you some time.

Hope this helps! -- Paul
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