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Looking for HD-SDI modification board / technique - Page 2

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Bob, is there anything on the HDMI output from the Onkyo? that shouldn't matter, let me check my system and see

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Bob, just checked my system, HDMI audio in and no HDMI output connected/sinked on the Onkyo, plays back just fine

I don't know why you are having problems

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I don't know why you are having problems

I don't either, especially when I hook up my HDDVD player on the same HDMI cable and it works fine. I need to get with JVB on this as I have two players and they are both having the same issue!
I know they waited for new firmware before shippingto me, but don't know if they checked the audio?
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Finally got a chance to take a look at some HD-SDI today

amazing stuff was in store

much the same as SD-SDI, so those that have went that route should know what to expect

lots of false sharpness, noise and digitalness is gone from the image, so when you first look at it you may think softer image, but as you start watching you'll notice a more detailed image the is smoother and natural looking compared to HDMI, colors are improved as well, again they are just more natural looking and lusher, of course both HDMI and HD-SDI are calibrated to spec for my viewing

just some first glance feedback based on the Fifth Element remaster

I am going to take some images and do some hardcore test pattern viewing latter to see whats up

the BD30 with HD-SDI rocks hard!

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so whats the difference between HDMI & SDI? color space improvement or correcting a compatibility issue???

love SDI and my Panasonic plasma is equipped...


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Zip, which plasma is that? very nice

the biggest difference I see with SDI is cleaner image, it is a very small difference but it is there, I sit 1.25x back from a 7' wide screen and CRT pj, so every little bit helps

I prefer the colors with SDI as well

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its the 50PHD7UY...

so how do you modify the source device, is there an unused port on a chip and buffering it or are you taking YPbPr and converting it??? HDMI cable is wayyyyyyyyyyyy over priced at retail.

I've learned to minimize the number of A/D conversions in any system.

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HD-SDI requires about a 800$ mod to output the signal

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interesting, so you already have an interface board? if so, care to share any technical details?

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yes Zippy, sorry I can't really give all that much detail wise

what kind of details where you looking for though ?

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