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I've done a lot of searching and it seems like Firewire is the best and possibly only way to get a program from a Motorola DVR (6400-series) to my computer.

From what I've read briefly on a 77-page thread, I have two problems... one problem is my laptop doesn't have Firewire (easily solved) and the program is already recorded (I read that it's impossible once it's recorded).

I've noticed there are two devices that might help... the Neuros Recorder 2 and SanDisk V-Mate. These seem designed to record analog to an SD Card. My source is SD to begin with so I don't feel the need to preserve the perfect digital broadcast. It seems like they encode at a 640x480 format at 30fps. My hope is to take it from the SD card and transfer to DVD to archive. From what I've been reading on the Amazon reviews, they record fine to portable devices, but it's fuzzy when transferred back to a television.

I would think it would be pretty good though - about the same quality as what it would be on my television originally - it's analog into the recording device and digital from there on out, right?

I couldn't find any talk on these forums about these devices and using them in to get PVR shows off of locked boxes... any thoughts?