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So split the difference.

Buy the game, and download the crack.

And I agree, its a very good example to compare DVD to BD right now. DVD isn't bad, its fact...DVD is *damn* good, and thats why it is indeed going to be plenty for almost all the people who buy movies. BD is nice, its sharper, its got greater color depth, but unless you have the right equipment you aren't going to impress the people who still remember what their VHS tapes look like. They'll look at BD and go "its a little better".

Thing is, especially on smaller displays, when you have to stop and really look (or point out) the differences in picture quality tos omeone, its generally a "meh, yeah...if you say so" reaction. VHS to DVD was like "Wow there is no comparison here". No so much with DVD to BD unless you are:

1) A videophile
2) A zealot.