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Too bad there isn't an "Off Topic!" smiley for most of this post. It is a wonder why the mods haven't shut this back-and-forth down.

ALL audio equipment measures differently (even CD players! ). Why we argue whether we cannot hear the nuances (the objectivists) or absolutely are able to hear the differences (the subjectivists) is beyond me.

I'd rather not do a DBT when I listen to my system - maybe some people think it fun. On the other hand, I'd prefer not to spend $10,000 on a CD player (unless I win the lottery tomorrow).

I'd rather discuss how a CD player sounded to a fellow AVS member. Collect some opinions on how this sounded in his/her room to his/her ears. Continue collecting info, and OMG, maybe go out and audition some equipment. This I find fun. Buying something I really like and then taking it home and listening to it. Trust me, a lot of the brick and mortar hi-end stores wouldn't mind the company.

This post's original question was straightforward. I fear we may have digressed a bit. Want to argue how imperfect and inaccurate the human ear is? Start another post, please.

There's a bunch of good experience and knowledge in here. A lot of open minds, great insight, and lots of fun. Let's not waste it.
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Who cares? Certainly not the OP. I think Pulliamm has family ties with the mods. Even bad Threads can be useful to some people.
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Originally Posted by badgerdms View Post

You like studio monitors-that's great, please don't tell everybody else what the hell they are supposed to like, and even worse that you are right.

Good luck with that.
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Originally Posted by btf1980 View Post

Looks aside, the Watt Puppys are some of the best sounding speakers i've ever heard. You're insane if you think your Alesis speakers are better. That's just crazy talk.

I as well have never heard a speaker as good.
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Some used names (okay, I might be dating myself): California Audio Labs (Ikon, and the Delta/Sigma transport/DAC combo) and McCormack (Digital Drive and DAC-1 combo). Cheap and great sounding, though CAL is now defunct, and McCormack doesn't make that combo anymore.

More recent names I've listened to: Esoteric X-03 ($$$, but some of the best SACD I've heard), Levinson 390S, and Wadia 581 (both latter players are clean, but may be a bit too "digital" for my tastes - I only listened to those two in hi-fi shows).

Recommended (your price range): Creek 5350 SE, Marantz SA14 (either version) - if you're into SACD's, and the Rega Apollo (demo'd - smooth, a tad less detail than X-03).

AND... CD players do measure differently. My temples can tell me the difference between a $200 player and a higher end player listening to a soprano at full bore. Whether you can tell the difference between players $100 apart is debateable, I know. I don't routinely do DBT's on my CD players, but I really don't want to do that. Just find a good B&M hi-fi store that'll allow you in-home auditions, LIVE with a few players for awhile, and have your ears and wallet decide which one you want to take home as a live-in tenant. If the DBT'ers want to argue why you spent $300 or $3000, then I have an old Panasonic portable CD player than measures very close to a Rega which I can part with for $10.
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Cleaned up the thread a bit. Those who have been suspended in the past will receive an outright ban if the insults continue. If you can't state your opinion without insulting someone then your days here will be over.

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