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Pict Qu - PullDown VS Fixed Screen  

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I posted this thread in the CRT forum - sorry didn't even realize there was a seperate forum dedicated to screens..

No one replied to the other thread so will try here..

I also emailed Stewart to get their opinions..

I am building a new HT room and need to make a decision on the screen..

I have purchased a used Barco 808 - it will have some sort of
scaler/internal quadrupler/faroudja doubler/HTPC - not sure yet

Screen size is 54" x 96"

**I really want the best image possible**

This is the most important factor whether I go pull down or fixed..

What is the best Stewart screen for this PJ?

Light control is great

colour scheme:

light colour walls/carpet/furniture

Black ceiling

CRT Usage I would say would be 14-16 hours per week - 90% DVD and 10% satellite

My leaning was toward a motorized pull down mainly because I was going to also put my Pioneer HD710 in the room but have decided to use the set elsewhere.

if I go pull down is the tension adjustment really necessary for this amount of use?

I am willing to go fixed with drapes and am willing to go black across the front wall if this enhances the PQ..

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If you can get by with a fixed screen it the way to go. I had an electric roll down and it was wavy. This was very noticeable during camera pans. I don't know if it is available where your located but I built a screen for $40 from the Parkland Plastics material and love it however the size you want is not available at this time and if you’re not into do it yourself projects go with a Stewart.

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Thanks Mike,

I really wanted some feedback here..

As this is a new house we expect to be for a long time so want a good screen that will last a long while

I prefer the astethics of a pull down but definitely don't want any waves in the screen..

but then motorized drapes would look like kinda cool too..:)
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Hi John
Like Mike said if you can go fixed that is the way to go. If you have to get a pull down screen make sure it a tensioned type to avoid the wave effect mike talked about. These tensioned type screens cost a lot more than the fixed type.
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I'm definitely going fixed now..adding the tension adjustment gets pretty expensive and I would have added it for sure on a pull down..

From what I have seen as to what picture quality you can get with a front PJ, I don't see any reason to leave the Pioneer RP set in the room..

I'll either use the Pioneer in another room or sell it..
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what i did is...bought a pulldown screen from draper( and was told by people that pulldowns might get wavy ) due to pulldowns being the cheapest.
Ive set it all up leaving it down for about a week,and still had waves in it.
Wasnt happy so i decided to pull the screen out of the metal casing and strecht it over a frame.
took me about a day to do all this and now i have a proper screen fixed type and flat/no waves.100X better then the pulldown type.

The best thing is,pulldowns are cheap...
Fixed screens are expensive...
BUT,a pulldown screen converted to a fixed screen= cheap...

So if any1 is looking for a cheap screen but fixed type,this may be a good way of doing it,...for me it was worth it.
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You could also disable the locking mechanism that holds the screen down on a manual pull down screen so there is always tension on the screen pulling upwards. You then would just have to secure the bottom of the screen by cable to hold it down. This upward tension works for my setup, no waves and I can roll up my screen when I'm done ;)! NOTE: My setup is completely DIY. I could not gain access to a manual pull down screen here at my current location, so I had to put one together. I used tension springs from roller shades and installed it on one end of a metal pipe. I could not get the tension strong enough to release the screen from the locking mechanism, so I ended up disabling it and it turned out for the better!

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