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The XTB - Amplify and Repeat any X-10 Signal
Author: Bobby Green

For anyone who's ever wasted countless hours tracking down X-10 signal strength issues, the XTB is the obvious solution. While there are other coupler repeaters on the market, none offers the powerful signal amplification feature or the input processing capability of the XTB-II series.

The XTB-IIR will amplify and repeat ANY X-10 signal that it is able to receive.

It can do this because most X-10 commands are sent in duplicate pairs. Repeaters, like the XTB-IIR, perform their magic by hearing the first command of the pair and transmitting at much higher power at the exact time the second pair of the command is being transmitted. They effectively overlay a much stronger copy of the signal directly on top of the original signal put on the power line by the transmitting device. In this way, it's able to kill two birds with one stone because it both amplifies the original transmission and then broadcasts it on both phases of the home wiring.

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