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DCT 6416 III pdf Manual?  

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I just moved and now have Time/Warner cable. They installed a DCT 6416 III Dual DVR, but gave me no user's manual. I called about this oversight and was told they did not supply manuals, and that tech support would be glad to help me with any questions I may have. Well the only question I have is why the hell don't you supply a manual!

I've previously had DTV and Dish DVRs, both of which came with thick manuals. That this DVR doesn't come with one is absurd to me. I can't understand it.

I figured out much of it, but I'm sure I'm missing some things (no way to know for sure without a manual). Plus, I like to read manuals. It's my favorite bedtime material.

I've Googled for a pdf manual to no avail. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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It's not hard! It's right on the Motorola web-site.

DCT6400 Series (897Kb pdf)
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Edit: Correct my dyslexia was in full force.

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Thanks cavu!

Because Time/Warner didn't offer a manual, I wasn't sure one even existed. I spent quite a bit of time Googling and came up dry. Obviously I should have searched Motorola's site.

But hey, I created an opportunity for you guys to look smart and to rag on me, so something good came out of this thread!
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You can also check out the Wikibook on Motorola DVRs here:


It's pretty comprehensive. The article lead describes the older generation 6412, but all the information is basically the same.
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Thanks SJ! That looks like it should be very helpful.

I read the 6400 owner's manual and the manual that came with the remote. They do not begin to cover what I assume the DVR can do. Prior to cable I had Dish, and prior to that Direct. Both of those DVRs came with thick manuals that covered everything. All one had to do to learn how to use them was read the manual. This cable situation (they don't even give you a manual) is a joke. If I still had southern exposure, I would definitely still be a satellite customer.
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