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Watching live or recorded program, there is no sound at all.
It just stopped working mid-program.
Extended warranty provider is out-of-business (no surprise there)

Is it an easy sound board swap?

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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Originally Posted by tonyski2 View Post

...Any suggestions would be helpful.

I'm wondering why you have a nice TV like the 850, and are using the TV speakers? The last thing I would do is replace the TV. The first thing I would do is upgrade your sound options.

Maybe you use the TV speakers for easy access to audio and video, and in that case I recommend getting a remote that can turn everything on with one button.

The easiest solution that I know will work (unless the problem is with your input device): get a sound bar.
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I was wondering if anyone knew of any quick fixes for this dithering (dot crawl) I'm seeing so often. I only usually see it on bright sky shots (blue/white/orange, etc) and it is quite distracting. This occurs on HD signals via verizon fios and are 1080i signals. Any ideas on how to fix this besides calibration?
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Last month, I added a Vizio sound bar to my TV and it made a world of difference. The surround effect is remarkable.
I mounted it just below the TV base and added an extension to the spare input, which allows me to connect my Smartphone or MP3 player, as well. I also purchased a second remote for my wife. It seems that the surround sound bothers her, so she can turn it off when we are both watching.
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Check the settings. Also see if you get any audio from the auxiliary connectors on the rear.
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