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Samsung LCD LN52A650 or Plasma PN50A550?

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Figured I'd try the Plasma page also...might get booted off...wanted the LCD'ers opinions also...

Samsung LCD LN52A650 or Plasma PN50A550


Ok, I've read a zillion posts and I'm still not sure what to do. Here's my situation:

- Looking to become a first time HD viewer, have TWC.
- TV will be in my finished basement, no windows, variable lighting, narrow viewing angles.
- I'm a huge sports fan, Nascar, Sox, Celtics, etc.
- No gaming currently, but thinking of Wii for my girls (really for me) or a Playstation or XBox (again, for me), maybe around X-mas.
- Have a 35" Mitsubishi that is bullet proof (but no HD for me right now). Have no clue what I'm going to do with it if I buy a new HD.
- No Blue Ray, not plans on getting one currently.


- LCD, staring at my computer monitor now, trying to think how that "flashlight" effect of LCD would look on a big screen.
- Prices about $500 higher than the below plasma.
- More energy efficient?
- Slightly bigger picture (2").
- Humming noise an issue?


- Seeing all the posts on IR, no IR, etc. My father in law works for BB and he says stay away from plasma. Seems to be split right down the middle, depending if you are an LCD guy, or a plasma guy.
- Leaning toward plasma...but who the heck knows?
- Slightly lower price, $500 or so, unless I step up to the 58", which then is about $200 more than the above LCD.

Anyway, any insight would be great. I imagine I would be very happy with either purchase. I looked at both of them in person, probably will look again. The "touch of color" does not seem to be an issue for me. My view is if you are looking at that edge, you're missing the "bigger picture".


Ps - Go Celts!
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I don't know. Wish I could help, but I hope you get the answers you're looking for. I'm a bit curious about this as well.
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I say go with the plasma you will save money and you don't have any bright lights to reflect off the screen so you will benefit from the darker blacks.
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No wrong choice here. A fantastic tv or a slightly less/more fantastic tv.
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If you're willing to go with Plasma, have you also looked at the Panasonic Viera series? They seem to have tremendous positive feedback.

To me the pluses and minuses of Plasma (over LCD):

Less Blur in all situations
Better Blacks, Contrast and Shadow Details in a dark room
Marginally Better Colors (arguably)
Fewer common image artifacts (No clouds, mura, pillar-boxing, flashlighting, bright corners, banding, purple haze, etc.)

Draws a lot more power
Only available in Glossy screens (if glare is an issue for you)
"Image Retention" especially with computer and gaming use, and if you leave a static picture up (burn in is less of a concern)
Softer Computer Text / Display
Brightness Compression (for example - if a very bright object against a dark background grows larger, it also becomes darker.)
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