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Replace bluray drive in ps3

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I was think about getting one of those ps3 off ebay that have a bad bluray disc drive and by a new drive for it to replace. That's like 225 spent on a ps3.Have any one replace the bluray disc drive in there ps3. Is it that easy or you need to be a expert about it and how have it work out for you. And also i heard that the mother board that is under the disk drive only work with that disc drive is that true. Or will it be easy just replaceing the power supply.
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There is no slot-load blu-ray drive out there except the one in PS3. I wonder why you are going this length to try to save a few bucks? Let's say if there is a slot-load drive available and the connector is compatible with the PS3, the blu-ray drive alone would cost somewhere between $130-200. Add this to the broken PS3 you bought from ebay ($225), that's like $355-425. At the end, you still have a used PS3 while you could have spend the same money for the new one....
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I'm not sure what you mean by slot load but the bluray disk drive you can replace I'm looking at them on ebay right know and that's 225 for the ps3 and the disk drive. Times is hard if i can save 200 for a player i will i spent 160 in gas today just to fill up. wouldn't anybody do the same.
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If you're not aware what a slot load drive is do you have the tech know-how to replace the bad drive? And I don't make that comment as an insult to you. Without instructions on how to replace a bad drive (or any other part) on a PS3 I wouldn't even risk it.

If someone sells you a PS3 with a broken drive and someone else sells you a drive; it's not either sellers responsibility if YOU can't take the two and fix the PS3. At least that's probably what they'll tell you if you're stuck non working PS3 and a Blu-Ray drive in the end.

Also I have to wonder why the person with the bad drive didn't just buy a good drive themselves and fix their PS3.
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What he means by slot load drive is one without a tray (like the one used in a PS3) all Blu Ray drives for use in a PC have trays and the connector used to attach them to a computer's motherboard (SATA,maybe IDE) will not work in attaching them to a PS3's motherboard. In short buy a new PS3 and save yourself time and $$.
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Hmmm, if its just a bad drive... you can still use the PS3 as a media server and to play downloadable games such as Gran Turismo.
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