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Finished putting up 2nd layer of drywall and green glue between theater and pool table room:

Not exactly sure which ceiling sanding I was on at this point... but also plugged old holes in soffit I had from something or other I did a long time ago... also, plugged the hole for the old A/C register I had stuck in here long ago. I stuffed as much insulation as I could get through those holes into the soffit 1st then cut pieces of plywood longer than the hole, put that inside the hole and screwed from the front, then screwed another piece of plywood to that only as big as the hole, and then attached a piece of drywall over that:

View of opposite wall from screen side towards seating riser:

Pile of different sizes of scrap drywall in pool table room (never know when you'll need a scrap):

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Started building my screen frame... used my chop saw to angle cut all of my 1x4 poplar boards to the screen dimensions I decided on ( 2.37:1 aspect ratio - 59" x 139.83" ), and cut two center support posts. Here they are laid out before I attached them together:

Wood glued all joints and then screwed angle brackets on:

Leaning against wall in garage waiting for my screen material (Phifer Sheerweave 4500)to come in:
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Brian, keep up the good work. You are putting in a lot of effort and I cant wait to see how it all turns out.

The screen frame looks good...looks like the same method I used for my screen, except I didnt go with an AT screen.

*NOTE: Original post edited as I didnt realize how negative my post was and I didnt mean for it to be taken that way. Sorry Brian. Keep up the good work.
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Drywall primer coat started on ceiling :

Then of course after I had gotten everything glass smooth, I decided I wanted a hand textured ceiling, so I used a round horse hair brush and did my own overlapping swirl and pull design with some mud. It's similar to some standard designs but I put my own flair on it. Hard to get a good picture of it, but maybe you can get the idea... in person it kind of looks like galaxies in the sky type of feel:

I had them tint my next batch of primer with black to get a grey primer for easier coverage. I did two coats of primer:

Then several coates of flat black behr premium paint.... again really hard to photograph... might try another angle... really looks much different in person:

Then painted the "screen wall" black and the screen frame... some dust in the air for this pic and a crappy camera.... but, here it is:

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I originally was going to mount the projector in the weight room behind the theater as I had before, but changed my mind and mounted it from a Chief mount in the theater. I added a support in the ceiling from the gym side of the room as I still had access to above the ceiling in the theater this way. It's screwed and glued on both ends:

Chief mount on ceiling.... black on black is a little hard to see....
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Originally I was going to go with a smaller screen to allow for the size of my Altec Voice of the Theater speakers - which are large, but then decided to go bigger with the screen and put the speakers behind the screen. I built a false wall and some speaker stands.... I later lowered the stands to get the speakers lined up just right with the screen as I was going to originally mount the horns in the speakers as I had in my original pair, but upon some advice from those on the altec forum, I decide to top horn mount.... which makes the speakers taller....

I painted everything black.... notice the stand on the left is a little larger than the others as I was going to build a sub into it originally... I have since changed my mind on how the subs will eventually run. Also, I chose to build stands instead of a platform for more flexibility - I also added some scrap pieces of 2x4 to the false wall so I could easily change the height of the screen from the floor for future use:

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Screen fabric arrived.... here it is rolled out:

Frame angled for all I could get it out it:

Cutting the screen material:

Just before stapling.... I can't seem to find my stapling pics, though I know I took some....

Finished Screen:

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In the middle of all of this I went on a search for a matching center channel for my pair of Altec Voice of the Theater speakers... thanks to all the guys on the Altec Forum and a lot of work, I ended up with 5 VOTT speakers and re-finished 3 of them for the front of the theater and I'm keeping the other pair as a stereo set.... here are some pics of that for anyone interested... if you are at all interested in how I got to that point with these speakers, go check out the great Altec Forum here: http://www.hostboard.com/cgi-bin/ult...b=forum&f=3729

All the guts laid out.... including an extra 811 horn and a Electro Voice triaxale TRX15 speaker:

Into the guts of the HF 808-8a drivers - currently being remagnetized, felted and new all aluminum diaphrams by Great Plains Audio:

One of the pairs of VOTTS before I purchase them:

Here's the single I bought with the EV speaker in it:

Wood puttied any gouges, dings etc...

After several sandings and fillings and then painted flat black:

The original stickers on this one were in pretty nice shape and it had an original grill cover, so I carefully just touched up bad gouges and painted around the stickers etc... I sanded the remnants off the other speakers...

I purchase some speaker grill cloth and made some custom frames and grill covers for the two I completely re-did:

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Began putting the black fabric on the back wall and soffits (flash made the center panels look different, but they are all the same colored fabric - I also coated all fabric with a flame retardant spray):

Rope trim I painted gold going up, also, cut hole for projector cables and then used a desk grommit to fill in hole from theater side:

Center Piece put in desk grommit:
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Trimmed out display boxes on top of columns... note the column within the column trim theme. Also note, that not one nail, fastener etc... was used in this box or trim, it is all pressure fitted - also you can see where a red theater curtain is up on the left, the top of the wall is currently visible, as a friend of mine is making me valences that will go across the tops of these wall curtains - also, gold rope trim will go over the top of the display box and continue on:

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Speakers on new lowered stands. You can see the new Voice of the Theater stickers on the left and right speakers... all parts are back in place, though you'll notice that I have a silver dust cover on the right speaker - the matching vented black dust cover woofer is currently being reconed - Klipsch subwoofer is between left and center speaker... more subs are coming soon:

Screen hung - used french cleat method, so easily removeable... black speaker fabric panels to surround are coming soon.... also, notice lights behind screen above speakers... flash washed them out:

No flash, but not much better picture, this camera sucks.... they look very cool through the screen when lit... I'll try and get a better picture with my other camera when I get a chance:

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More gold trim - still no valances above red curtains - they are coming... RS2 projector up with Panamorph lens and motorized mount. Also, rear speakers - Optimus PRO LX5 Dipole Linaeum mylar tweeter speakers. They make excellent surrounds IMHO. These are biamped with a pair of bazooka car subs that are mounted under my back riser for nice explosion vibration. Also, painted a/c vent covers black (excuse the fuzz, I was vacumning and kicking up dust and the camera is dying a slow death after our trip to Hawaii (sand etc..):

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Fabric panels with speaker grill related fabric going up around screen.... up so far is the tall left panel and the 1st left bottom panel. The left panel I made a pressure fit but the bottom panels are all velcro'd to the false wall behind, making them solidly in place, but easily removeable. I still haven't put the wood veneer on the columns or trimmed them out yet.... also in the picture you can kind of see the frame behind the fabric, I do wish I had painted these black since I did everything else back there, however you can't see anything, even when the lights are directly on them in person... this is just a product of the camera and the flash:

Quick shot I took while watching one of the White Sox/Rays playoff games... this is in HD, but I did not pause it, just tried to snap a shot where the camera wasn't moving a ton across the playing field. Also, I did not size the content properly to format, just using the whole screen... still looks really good in person.... you can see a plastic bag on the bottom of the screen because I had it over part of one of my vices holding one of the fabric panels tight until the velcro glue dried....

All but the top fabric panel up around the screen:

Back (main) row in place on riser... 5 Berkline leather motorized chairs with cup holders etc.... notice that the projector is centered on the screen not the room, because the screen is fit between the two different sized soffits. However the rear speakers are centered on the room because the chairs/seating spans the back of the whole room. These speakers fire in all directions, so do not have to be facing a particular way, but my mounts are adjustable in different directions and I will play with that later. You can see part of an imprint remaining in the center chair from where I just got up. Also, if you look closely in the top right corner is the smoke detector which I had taken apart and painted the cover black. I may decide to follow the gold around the curve of the detector eventually, but still deciding.... Also, keep in mind this shot is with a flash, so things are lighted funny. In person it all looks like the same shading of black....
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Looking really good Brian D,

The speakers turned out really nice. They must sound something crazy. Have you tried them out with any material yet, may I recommend the Iron Man exploding HumVee scene at the beginning
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oman321 - thanks! I still have some tweaks to do, but yeah, they sound great!

It's funny that you suggested Iron Man, as that is the 1st official screening we had since I started the rebuild. The wife and I and a friend of mine and his wife watched it on Blu Ray. I saw it in the theater when it came out and couldn't wait. Was not dissapointed, and everyone was suitably wowed!

In fact, the day Iron Man came out on DVD/Blu Ray, I ran out to make sure I picked up the Target Exclusive version... they had two left... kept one and sold one on Ebay, so that I only ended up paying half price for mine.... wish they's had more. I actually took a picture of it and was going to post it in the thread but then decided not to as I thought it would be cheesy.... but with your comment and my 4th beer, I have changed my mind.

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