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keyhole mounting plate?

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Ok, am I overlooking the obvious?

i've scoured the internet.

I'm looking for keyhole mounting plates like the small generic ones found on many surround sound speakers. Seems like it would be an easy thing to find but i can't find any anywhere!

Any suggestions?
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Plenty of others here, too:
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Not exactly what I see on speakers but I think that top one might do!
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over four years later, i second that emotion. surely somebody besides yamaha, klipsch, etc. is manufacturing the black metal keyhole brackets that yamaha,klipsch, etc. install on their surround speakers. i'm simply amazed that these parts are nowhere to be found on the internet.
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Make your own like I did. Peruse your local hardware store...................
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crazy. i contacted yamaha support via their website and they shipped me 8 of their keyhole brackets for free.
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