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I use some of my time to help out with computer and A/V for the low-income elderly and "independent" living mental disabled. These vultures are now out in full force. They are even physically going after the "independent" living on the transit buses on their way to work. Most the "independent"'s do have limited expenditure credit cards to buy food and the like. The vermen prey on them with, instilling complete terror. They make friends with them over the course of the week, then on friday's they tell them that they like them as friend and first invite them over to play PS3 or the like. The conversation quickly goes to what kind of TV they have. When the "independent" says just a regular TV, the scare pitch starts. They tell them that in February that their TV will go completely dead, but could also blow-up any minute if they don't get a special box right away. For $40 dollars they can help them get that special box. The predators are told by the "independent" that they don't have that kind of mony, just a credit card for buying food, they are told that's ok, can you buy beer and meat with it and sometimes get $5 or $10 dollars with the food, "....sure can....." $10 cash, beer and some porterhouse later, "...wait at the bus stop where we usually meet in the mornings, and I'll be right back with your special box, we don't want your house to burn down because the TV will blow-up, do we......". As low-yield confidence scam you and I think this is, after I heard about this, I found someone actually with a group of about 15 on one of the buses, and I don't know how or why, each of the 15 were allowed to ATM cash withdraw up to $200 per week and the scammer didn't wait till friday, he was hitting them that wednesday morning when I spotted her. The prudy lady confidence to a group of mentals......sure kill for $3000 cash. Glad I was actually able to stop that one, but no telling how many more go on across the country.

That scammer needs to be thrown under the bus. Literally

Right next to the pimple faced BB & CC drones that tell the old people that they need monster cables and monster power strips.