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Originally Posted by kampswas View Post

Personally, I would have to pick the city scene from Coruscant to go in there, or if you can find or make it, Cloud City. It gives you the impression that you are standing in a room in one of those cities looking out the window instead of just having a picture of the death star hanging on your wall. Although if it were me (and one day if my wife lets me build a SW theater) I would have the made the screenwall be like the opening of the Death Star windows, like this:

(Took FOREVER to find even this terrible image online of this particular Death Star window...try googling Alderaan and Death Star together and see all the nonsense that pops up). EDIT: not sure why this won't pop up, but the URL is still good: http://index.echostation.com/trilogy/aldermatte.jpg

Just some other wishful thinking, for me, I'd have like an entry hallway into the theater where it would be like walking in the Tantive IV:

But hey, this is your theater so you do it how you like. It looks awesome so far. I would say I'm most jealous of your R2 unit. Did you build it yourself?
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Originally Posted by premiertrussman View Post

cant wait to see this one finished.

+1 !!!
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Good to see the build continue, can't get enough of the updates. Keep 'em coming
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I love the tantive though just all the white would drive me crazy and for a theater just a little to bright.

Worked more on the columns and the wiring for the lightsabers columns I will probably make them on a remote RF switch to turn on ( wiring diagram to come when i progress to that stage.)

Hoewever, began to finally work on closing off the docking bay which will house the MR Falcon My wife is happy seeing the kids will no longer be able to climb through the back.

I finished the back wall with will paint it gray this coming week with black for where the tv will go. trying to shop for tv's that will fit the area. I have a 55 inch upstairs thinking I will either bring that one down or get another one
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I'm sure someone already mentioned it in this thread, but you can get a star wars door "skin" here:

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Looking good so far. I love seeing your updates since you are so much further along than I am.

I do not recognize that door skin from any movie. I am doing my own from Vader's Star destroyer.
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Interesting, but I agree it definitely isnt star wars. Painted the back wall gray will paint the dar highlights- I am seeing the vision now! wohooo!
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More pictures
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Well it's not screen accurate but it's definitely Star Wars...

The same door surround is shown elsewhere in the cabin of the MF as well.

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Originally Posted by spastromech View Post

Well it's not screen accurate but it's definitely Star Wars...

The same door surround is shown elsewhere in the cabin of the MF as well.

That way they don't have to pay Lucas any money.
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set up the first layer of paint on the back wall
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That looks great. I can see this thread going down as a hall of famer when you are finished.
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I had to bring in the EFX xwing to see if the original design concept was going to work, unfortunately it didnt look right, I messed around with the design and ultimately moved the EFX xwing to the top with the other xwings to the bottom. I like the feel of the trench run on the top more with the angle of it. I am going to play around with the bottom diorama, not quite sure of the surroundings i might create a death star surface on the bottom but leave the rest dark and black . but that is still undecided. I also will plan on having a clonetrooper helmet, or Boba Fett Helmet or Darth Vader Im still not sure on that yet on the right since the biker scout looks a little off weighted by the stormtrooper bucket. but that;s me overanalyzing. I started thinking about the remote wiring and will begin to right up a diagram for the people who have asked before for the light saber sconces.

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I like it alot. You might consider lifting the biker scout helmet a bit. That might balance the look. Either Vader or Boba Fett will look good too.

I really like the Xwing at the top. That is a sweet look.

Watching your progress really makes me want to get started on my Star Wras plans, but I am still working on logistics for the theater part of the build. Hopefully I can start the fun stuff soon. Your work is inspiring.
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Is it my imagination or are the box openings on the right positioned lower than the ones on the left? I was wondering if it was due to photo distortion or the imbalance of the objects inside. I'm very into proportion and symmetry so it looks "off" to me. Just an observation, carry on with the great work, it's awesome!
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vader you're kinda crazy
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On a side not fine molds released the 1:48 tie fighter perfect! to compliment the 1:48 xwings! wohoo back to some basic model building
I was working on the theater again tonight, Thanks Vader for pointing it out, I noticed some other symetry areas I worked on. though it was only off an inch or so but with the sizes of the helmets it looked more.
I have been working on the design dioramas alot. I am shifting back to the original design of the trench run on the top with the xwings and the tie fighters.
I also will go back to the original design of the Shuttle Tydirium in the docking bay on the bottom. I am going to get rid of my signature series x-wing. It is just not fitting into the theater the way i had envisioned it.
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Hope I didn't step on your toes to much Kamp, and glad to hear you made some adjustments. I figured you were meticulous with your measurements and it was a minor observation. The new model is perfect and will be a great addition to the growing collection. I like how your plans have changed and evolved as your project develops. You always have to be open to change on an aesthetic level, that's the beauty of a home build, you do what looks good to you Good luck with the model assembly!
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Just FYI there some more star wars memorabilia for you if you are interested:

(not mine, just something I saw locally).

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Any new updates here? I love following this build.
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Been full force on the back wall, almost done I am wiring the death star trench diorama to some remote switches and finished the TV platform. The lower diorama will be an after fact project to work on as I move to the side walls.
Got Some sanding to do

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Final gray applied tonight, Final thing to work on is the diorama pieces in which I need to wire the lighting for.
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It looks fantastic. You did a great job of capturing the Star Wars architecture.
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Thanks its been long time and alot of wood for that back wall I am glad to move on, to the side walls now and work on the light saber sconces and the rest of the theater. I might just right back to the rear wallwhich shouldnt take long to complete just getting the acrylic for the backings
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Wow, nice progress looks great and it's really coming along! The helmets highlight nicely with the finished color. Awesome project, can't wait to see it all finished
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I can already tell your theater will have much more of a Star Wars feel to it than the "BEST STAR WARS THEATER EVER" posted on the front page. That has no Star Wars feel to it.
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Thanks for the comments I appreciate it. I love the natural look of the gray and black white star wars, I agree the palpatine theater, lacks true star wars feel looks like a theater to me. I am thinking in my theater the story and the aspect behind it, creating a sort of Vaders throne room set with visual cues it deffinately has been feeding my creative side. et. I really cant wait to get into the lighting aspects of the theater. Getting the light saber sconces done etc. My wife wants it carpeted. I was going to have the plateform with the white capsules but not sure now. I might have to compromise and go carpet.
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I did carpet in mine for sound reasons. I found a dark grey commercial carpet that went well with the look I was going for. I am sure you will find something you like. You don't want to sacrifice sound quality.

I am very interested in how you power your sabers. I am not doing sconces, but I am mounting a few of my lightsabers between my posters. I take it you are using FX sabers? I have powered them with a 12V source, but I have not tried connecting to in wall power 110. Please detail your solution when you do it. I might steal it

One last question, How did you cut your ovals (the star wars architecture) on your other wall? I have a few solutions, but since you already did yours, I figured I would ask. Above everything, keep up the good work.
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Worked on finishing the back walls death star trench,
and the columns on the right hand side all Wired up for the remote switches. I will be documenting them once I get to that stage I need to decide on what I need first.
I have the fx sabers most likely these will be fixed blades. Ill get more into that later.

I plan on trimming out the columns this week along with more details on the sides. I need to order some white lucite this week. to work on lighting the back wall .
Death Start Trench

Right Sided columns. There will probably be a Han in carbonite custom made for that wall.

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Full steam ahead finished first coat of gray on back wall. It looks great to be seeing the light, a few more areas to finish then off the the fun stuff wiring and lighting and dioramas!

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