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Awesome progress Kamp! I've been checking back periodically and am happy to see things really coming together. Can't wait to see the developing lighting and dioramas, I'm sure the details will really pull everything together in a cohesive plan. Very cool! Curious to know what paint finish are you using? Flat, semi-gloss?
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GOT the front wall all lit up, next step moving to the sides and tweaking the front wall. I have it on a remote switch. The death star trench will be the exhaust pot lit from the left I will scratch build that. When I get to the fun and again the bottom will be scratch built.

Vader- I am using FLAT garage concrete paint It has a nice industrial feel to it what i was going for.

Here is two pics the one lit is more how it looks lit up but the color is wrong, the other shows the details of the wall more closely.

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Just checked back and surprised there isn't an update. How goes it, the project on hold? More pictures please
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Originally Posted by vadertrader View Post
Just checked back and surprised there isn't an update. How goes it, the project on hold? More pictures please
I was thinking the same thing the other day...
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Awesome ideas and concepts. I just found your thread and will be subscribing and watching. I wish that I could do something like this in my current home but I know I will have to eventually sell this home and I don't want to scare of anyone because it has a permanent Star Wars themed HT. But I will certainly look to your inspiration for my next HT build.

By the way, looking for updates as well.
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Dear Kamps
Amazing work there...Im building my HT, and I read that has to be a Theme on it...Allway think in Star Wars but can project my idea to real world..definitively you already do (I think...or at least the example is clear).
You inspire to me to do it in that way...probably not with that details but yes about the theme....
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Sorry about no updates on the theater in the summer I tend to move towards other projects mainly outside or prop building. Here is my current project
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Looks wonky.

Are you sure you used the spirit level right?
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I don't know why but that playhouse makes me want to say "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beet...."

It is very cool and impressive work!
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Really cool looking playhouse....Nice job
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One thing came to mind:

There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile
He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Very cool
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Looks good! I like the creativity you used here. What was your inspiration?

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things are moving along working out the lighting should Finish this by the end of march! I have a goal!

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Alright! Nice to see you're back on the project again after such a long absence.
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Nice, it's been a while... Keep up the images !
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Been working alot on the schematics of the wiring before i finish off the side walls. I want to clearly define how I will work it out.

So far I have four zones I want to make them dimming not sure if that will work since I am working off an AC converter to 12 V
So far I have

10 white 5 led pods in the front to do the dioramas and the helmets
6 on the sides to due the luxeon lightsabers
8 WHITE 5 led pods in rear wall
6 Side 5 led pods Diorama WHITE

All run on 12v
so i will be using a converter and wiring them all up.

I plan on working all the diorama lighting from a remote and the main lighting from a switch since the room will mainly be a gaming room.

I am planning on the room to house a 3d screen probably 46 inch since it will serve a dual purpose and a sense to go down there specifically to watch since our great room up stairs has a 55 inch it is our casual watching area
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Made some progress on the back wall. and the columns ordered some lighting switches and remotes working on the diagrams right now, everything from china so it will be a while.
I know some were questioning the lightsaber scounces I cant wait to start with those.

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Wow, just checked in! Great pics and progress in the past few months. Looking very cool dude! Sconces will be awesome, can't wait to see them
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Changed some things Back Wall Complete one last wall to go.

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Slowly but surely things are getting more awesome.
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SLow is right! lol almost three years so many projects in the meantime though I see the finish line now! one more coat and all electronics from there.

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Originally Posted by kampswas View Post

Changed some things Back Wall Complete one last wall to go.

Very cool - Master Replicas first AT-AT? What else is going in? I'm going to try and make room in my theater for a few MR/eFX helmets and lightsabers along with some props from other movies (my wife has some cool Willy Wonka stuff - Gene Wilder not Johnny Depp).
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I have worked out the scratch building parts I am doing the docking bay for the MR falcon, and I am going to have a bust of vader to the left of the AT AT and under the TV is still open. I am not sure on where the Imperial Star Fighter will go.

Been working on a side project along with this. Iron Man R2

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I always loved the rendering that Verta created. Hats off to you for building it. How many does this make for you now?

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Looking great. I am very impressed with your lighting. Your R2 Ironman project looks sweet as well. Is that going in the theater?
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Nope the Iron man r2 not sure will it will go probably upstairs, this is number three for my astromechs. R2's
I painted the ceiling added two coats need to get more gray before i finish the last spotlight colors. No pictures since it is just the celining. I will be picking out the carpet soon. to Get it carpeted.

I need to pick out the TV and the speakers and cut the acrylic tops then I am almost done.
The LIghtsaber sconces are on their way i will build them seperately wiring wise. The rest of the dioramas, will give me creative time. though I will be done this is clean work. so I will keep those in progress even when I truly finish the esthetics of the theater.
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Yo, awesome Iron Man R2 what an imagination you have! Are you going to Celebration Vl this year and if so, are you taking Iron Man R2 or is that considered sacrilege LOL. The build is awesome too, great to see the process develop and near completion. I will check back in earnest for more pictures soon
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Took a break from the theater thjs weekend build some more workbenches in the back room
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finally at the stage of picking out the carpet and cutting the glass for the TV section. Will start shopping for a 3d carpet and the couches.

Will be a challenge so close I can feel it.
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It's awesome that you are so close to completion! Safe to say the wife has final say on carpet and couches, thats how it is around here anyway, LOL. Hope you post completed pics soon
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