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I'm in a band and I am wanting to build a screen to project on during our shows. I came across the b-a stuff on ebay and after searching a while came upon this forum.

So I was hoping you could shed some light on the b-a stuff. I've done several searches and no one seems to answer the question, "would this stuff be good?".

I'm handy enough to build a frame out of wood/pvc/aluminum, whatever. Thats not a problem. Thing is, I need screen material that I can move around a lot and not worry over a lot of "kid glove handling" since no one (but me) understands the money I've invested... nor do they care.

I expect I'll build this frame in such a way that I can roll it up from the short side (vertical) and have multiple piece horizontal bars to stretch it out. I'll likely mount this to two speaker stands on either side of the drummer.