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Bypass 5000 modulator relay?  

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My modulator drops off in level to the point of signal breakup then power cycling the 5000 reciver several times puts it back for a few months. I heard there is a relay inside to switch in the external ATSC antenna jack when mot viewing a Dish HDTV channel. It would seem to mwe this relay is intermittent.

Anyone attempted to bypass this? I am quite capable of doing this I just want to make sure before I pull it out and remover the cover.
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During a recent pixel war I did experiment with bypassing the relay. It turned out that the problem was in the STB so I didn't pursue the bypass project any further. However, I think the idea is quite feasible.

The symptom of a bad relay is the failure to display cleanly after doing something that cycles the relay. The relay changes when any of the following is done:

1) power up the Dish 5000 (activates)
2) switch to menu and back (cycles)
3) switch channel to OTA (deactivates)
4) use the Dish 5000 timer (cycles)

As you said, recycling the relay a bunch of times can fix the problem temporarily.

Unfortunately, the relay is totally enclosed with shielding. Using lots of solder wick I managed to get the lower shield off and expose the connections to the circuit board. It's a simple C-form relay with the modulator output connected to the wiper. Bypassing the relay contacts is easy, but the OTA connector can't be used anymore.

BTW, while I was messing with this, I plugged the modulator into the Dish 5000 without it's case or the lower relay shield, and it worked just fine while I was poking around with test leads etc. Looked like Frankenstein's Monster.:)
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I haven't set up my 5000+Mod yet (Still troubleshooting my SW64 installation, and the weather isn't cooperating with dish aiming. :mad: ) but this begs an interesting question:

If you bypass the relay, what comes out of the modulator while tuned to an SD channel? Does the modulator happily wrap ATSC frames around the SD MPEG2 stream? I could free up an input on the reciever (and make life simpler in general) if I could use my HiPix or DTC100 to watch the SD channels as well.
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Have you tried looping the sd output through the ant input of the HD mod? I assume you do not want to use the ch A (other) input of the DTC-100 for SD while using B for HDTV. That is what I do here. I never tried the loop through idea.
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The thought of using any analog modulated output from anything is beyond consideration. Dot Crawl is Bad.

No, I was somehow hoping that there was a way to get ATSC 480i out of the HDTV mod when watching a "normal" Dish channel. (Or does it do that anyway...as I said, I haven't set mine up yet.)

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It will output 480i only when the channel is using AC-3 sudio. Frequently seen on HBO and Showtime channels. John
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Rather than take it apart, I smacked the modulator with a screwdriver handle and my signal jumped from 46 to 75% on my HiPix. That should fix it for a few months.
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Just to clarify some things in this topic:

1> When you tune to SD sat channels the modulator
is still activated (the relay has not switched
to OTA passthrough)

2> The modulator switches to passthrough when
you select an OTA "placeholder" channel. You
basically have to preconfigure the chan list to
say that your area has an OTA chan (like 30 for
example), then when you tune to that chan
on the 5000 it just "plays dumb" and
passes through the OTA antenna connection.
Many people have been confused by this because
they (mistakenly) thought that they should
leave their STB on chan 3/4 and just use the
5000 to pick their OTA chans... That won't
work - you have to tune both the 5000 and the
STB for the OTA passthough to work. If I were
using the OTA passthrough I would just pick a
"dummy" low numbered chan (like "1") and just
think of it as an input selector to make the
modulator switch to the OTA passthrough.

3> When you tune to a SD channel with AC3 audio
you ~may~ get a picture sent out the modulator.
I have observed (on my system) that the picture
may be cropped on one side (something like
15% of the picture missing on the left or right
side). If you experiment with this try looking
at the 5000 NTSC outputs on an NTSC monitor at
the same time as you watch the 1080i signal
on your HD display - you will probably see
the difference.
Basically I have concluded that SD modulator
output is an inadvertent abomination that isn't
worth considering as a watchable signal.
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Originally posted by Glimmie
Rather than take it apart, I smacked the modulator with a screwdriver handle and my signal jumped from 46 to 75% on my HiPix. That should fix it for a few months.
Love it!:D
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