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Looking for suggestions - shop for Bulk Cable and Connectors.

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After finishing my Cat 6 runs under the house last weekend, I figured i'd try to get telephone and RG6 run as well before the unbearable heat of summer kicks in here in Los Angeles.

Anyway, I hit up Monoprice where I bought all my Cat6 stuff but it appears all of their RG6 quad shielded keystones, decent crimpers, and wire connectors are out of stock - and restock is unknown.

So, any suggestions besides monoprice? I've got a few shops locally I'm going to check on, but I thought I'd ask here as well.

Also, there will be photos of the install when I'm done. Wallplates, keystones, cablehangs, etc. There's some interesting stuff because the house is a 1929 build. I have them for the Cat 6, but I'll do it as one post in a few weeks. But until then...


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I just did some retro fit structured wiring in my new (old) house and got all my stuff from Monoprice and http://www.home-technology-store.com/

I think I used Monoprice for the faceplates and connectors, but I know for the cable I was after, http://www.home-technology-store.com/ was the best price I could find. They were quite helpful too, other than not letting me know that they initially couldn't ship the whole order so they were going to wait, but I got them to ship a partial when I noticed I hadn't gotten an tracking number and when I did that they tossed an extra 25' or so of the cable I had ordered into the box. I was ordering cable by the foot and they were going to wait to send a single piece, I was going to cut it anyway so it worked out.
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I purchased most of my keystones from Fruitridge Tools. They deal in surplus equipment, so their inventory is always changing:


I bought most of my cable locally, but I have purchased cable from Westlake Electronic. What's nice is that you can purchase by the foot if you don't need a full spool:

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Got most of my bulk wire at Home Controls
They shipped fast and sent a good quality product.
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Thanks Guys! I appreciate all the suggestions! I'll give them a look over the weekend.

Luckilly I'm also close to a place called Pacific Cable. I'm going to check them out this weekend as well to see what they've got in stock. I'll pay sales tax if I don't need to pay shipping for 1500' of cable!
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BTW, has anyone here tried Lashen?

I was waiting on a render and found them via Google. They have the 6 port wall plates in the color my wife likes.

Also, I've noticed the Leviton parts which look like pretty good quality. It says they use something called QuickPort in their deigns. Is this proprietary? Will I only be able to use their keystones in it? I already have my Cat6 run, not that changing the keystones would kill me...

Just wondering.

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I've ordered from Pacific Cable before. Good stuff.

Thankfully I've been able to get everything I need lately from Monoprice. I'll be running my speaker wire and projector/video cables this weekend.
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