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Originally Posted by Ezcl View Post

Well then dsl, I might be watching your build progress ahead of mine... I'm still waiting on PayPal here. Good luck with your build, be sure to post progress and pictures!

I need to get pictures too...

Will do

This inspired me to finally paint my Audax HT set I built two years ago. Something to do while I wait for this stuff to show up

Mayhem: Any word on if you prefer the ported or sealed one you built?
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Here are some pictures I grabbed while waiting for my uncle to help me decide on some woodworking things.

My workspace:

The baffles and horizontal braces:

My trusty compass, to make the pretty circles I'll need for the drivers:

And my father and uncle who decided "Hey, let's kill the power in the house, so there are no lights, so no woodworking can be done tonight!":

Silly adults... Cutting the holes in the braces can wait until tomorrow, I suppose.
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The sealed one with peQ below 40hz worked very well for music while the ported was awesome for HT but a little sloppy for music. I'm building another sealed 2 driver unit to use both as stands for MTM mains. Good luck
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Ezcl, now you did it...you made me have to go and order some of these subs from Jack Hidley!

That's cool that you guys are all working together on this project (even if your Dad and uncle are slowing it down a bit!). That's part of the fun of DIY...make sure you enjoy the time together!
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Hahah, well good! It's always fun to build something else, and you know it!

PayPal finally worked itself out, so I'm ordering my drivers from Jack at the moment. I'll also be cutting my bracing today, while my dad's at work.

It's very cool that my dad and uncle are helping me out, I don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to woodworking, besides cutting a straight line with a circular saw, so with them here, it's much easier and less nerve wracking.

EDIT: By the way mayhem, thanks for the feedback, that's great to hear! Since this sub will be in my dorm and mainly used for music, this should work out very well.

EDIT2: Got one brace cut, and found the drill to be running low on juice, so while that's charging, here's a picture!
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A few updates.
I got my amp today! It smells bad, but whatever.
Pretty pretty:

Also... I've come to find out that I cut my vertical brace too wide.
Pictured here are the front baffle and the brace... I cut the brace to be 15.75" instead of the 13.5" it was supposed to be. Heh.

Embarrasing, sure, but it gives me an excuse to cut the vbrace in half, so that I can fit the horizontal braces in there.
I'm going to assemble the box and the bracing separately, then slide the braces into the open box. I just have to cut the slots out of the sides of the braces, that way they fit together properly.
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So! Time to wrench this thread back up to the top... I'm at school for the next month or so, but once I get home for Christmas break, I'll get this thing done. Everyone in the dorm is looking forward to hearing it.

Construction is something my dad and I can handle, and I've now figured out how to mount the drivers easily, but wiring is where I'm stumped...

What gauge wire am I going to need? I'll be wiring it like this:

Can I get wire that's too big? I know if I go to small (22gauge, yeah right), it'll mess some things up, but what's the size I should aim for?

Thanks for helping with another newbie question
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This is what I found that made it very easy to wire up:


You can use 18 gauge for each sub, wire all 3 positives together inside the box, and it will fit right into those terminals. Do the same for the negative obviously. Strip about 1.5" off each one so it's easier to twist them together properly, then cut off about an inch so you are left with just the last tight .5". You may also want to use a small pull tie right behind the stripped part to hold all 3 wires together. Ouside the box, you can use something larger if needed.

Don't forget some of these too:


You'll need to to crimp one side (very easy), and then the female side may also need to be slightly 'smashed' to get a better grip on the speaker.

Basically each speaker will be wired directly back to the push terminal with only one wire coming off of each speaker's + and -.

Lowes has some good 18 and 12 gauge Phillips speaker wire for cheaper than anyone else, it's pretty good stuff and very flexible too.

If it means anything to ya, they sound very clean in the sealed box, and the sound is growing on me. But prior to that, I had a couple wired up for music in a ported box and they really jammed. They were the MTX road thunder boxes that Circuit City sells. I got them on sale for like $25 each. They got loud, but I realize that was due to the tuning and obviously I know that I wasn't getting the lower frequencies need for movies. But for music, those 2 ported boxes were nice. If you plan on listening to a lot of loud music and don't need that 25hz and down......
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Awesome Eric, thanks a bunch for the help.

Another question, and possibly the last... Do I need to worry about damaging the sub when I first start it up? How do I break it in, if I even have to.
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Okay! Big update!

Lots of fun pictures for you all to check out. I've finished the guts off, insulation is in, the amp and drivers are installed (Thanks Mr. Hidley for the directions on installation, and Eric for wiring help).

IT'S ALL DONE! I'm quite excited at this point, and I'll be firing it up soon, once I figure out how to set all those dials and knobs on the back, hahah.

Any advice on how to tune it in to perfection?
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Any update on how the sub sounds?
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It sounds GREAT! It's loud, low, and scary, but not in a bad way. It's got a nice 'kick to your chest' feeling, and it's not boomy or lossy or anything. These days it's used mostly for music; Pendulum's song Propane Nightmares is one of my favorites to play on it, but most everything sounds great.

I'm very happy with this sub... Best ~$300 I've ever spent. Now all I'm missing are some mains to keep up with it.
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are there any final pics of it?
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Hmm... I can't seem to find any on my computer or phone, and I'm in class at the moment. I'll be sure to snap a few when I get home though!

Fair warning, it's not painted yet. I'm waiting to finish my Nat P's before I paint everything.
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What was the final internal volume of the sub?

When I can free up some time I want to make a 3 driver sub with my 075's but was thinking I would have them in a opposed configuration to cancel out vibrations.
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Did some quick calculations; You might want to check my math but they should be pretty accurate.

So all in all, roughly 126 liters.

Here are a few pics of it in it's home:

2 liter bottle for reference.
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