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Samsung DLP HLR5688W problem

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I've had a Samsung DLP HLR5688W only since 14 months and the problem I am getting is that the right side of the screen is black when i am trying to watch the tv and the left side is normal. When I turn on the tv there is a white flash on the right side of the screen and then no image. I've had a Samsung tech come and look at it and in one look he said that its a light engine/dmd board problem, but after calling Samsung company they said that its the light tunnel and not the LE or dmd. Now i don't know who is right and both will cost me more than 400 dollars to repair. Is this supposed to happen to a tv thats only 14 MONTHS old?????
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If the screen is absolutely black in the half with the problem, and you can't see anything thru it, it's the dlp chip dying and you need to replace the dmd board. If it's a shadow line on the side of the screen which you can see thru, it's the light tunnel. So if you could post a pic, that would help. How can the tv be 14 months old, it was produced in 2005? Did you get it used? Anyhow, here is a recent dmd board thread about the same tv for your info:


And here is the light tunnel thread, just check the last 10 pages for recent info:

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thank you for the reply ill try to get the pic. asap. just want to know where I could buy a light engine and/or dmd board. also wanted to know if its better to replace the whole LE or just the DMD board. and could i be able to buy the parts anywhere else from samsung and if they could be new, because when the tech guy came he had the LE but the box was open and it seemed like it was used. thank you for ur reply
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The best place to get parts seems to be at, www.samsungparts.com, you put your model into the left column and all available parts come up.

DMD board or light engine, both are very expensive, in the $1000 range. I think all light engines are refurbs now. DMD boards, I don't know, but possibly refurbs also.

If you can't get samsung executive customer service to help you out, you might want to consider a new tv. For a few hundred more you could get a new rear projection.

If you had a repair tech there, why didn't he fix it? Well, let us know how it goes, seems like these tvs have sprung a DMD board leak. Not good news.
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I am experiencing the same issue of the screen going half black after a while.

did any of you guys fixed it?
I thinking buying a new light engine, but I want to make sure that will fix the issue...
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HLR5678W...A little over 3 years old. The problems actually started with the tv showing red,green,blue flickering for about 20-30 min. then pop on and be fine. Then one fateful day shortly after...the half black screen syndrome. All of a sudden the right half of the screen just goes black. Power off wait a minute turn back on and it's fine..sometimes for the rest of the night. Actually seemed like when winter came it really didn't happen anymore. (Although the colors sticking and flickering for the first half hour has been constant, my wife and I joke about having to warm up the tv) Now the half black screen syndrome (hbss) is back and getting worse. It's time to fix it or get a new LCD.
Any luck on yours? I searched last fall and didn't see many with our problem but lots of light tunnel issues. Im afraid to have the LE replaced in fear of getting the dreaded shadow. That seems like the only thing holding up is my light tunnel! Im thinking the color/flicker is the color wheel and the hbss is the dmd. Anyone who can help would be much appreciated!
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There is a thread about people replacing their dmd board at the link. It's a different model tv with a different problem and board, but they seem to think it's something which can be done, etc. Check the thread and ask some of the people there as they have a lot of info on the repair.

If it were me, I think I'd get a new LCD as other things may start to go wrong, like you say the color wheel and these tvs just don't hold up. But for some good info, check the thread:

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I did check the other threads you noted up top and noticed that you have the same HLR5688W as the guy with issues that seem similar. Is it the "kirk" model he referred to it as? I almost bought that model instead of the 78. Didn't want to pay the extra for the fancy pedestal.
How is yours holding up? I do love the picture on HD...very impressive!
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The OP never showed a pic, so I guess it's the Kirk tho people sometimes mess up their model number. But the pic above is the same model as mine.

Mine has been good. It's not used constantly, it's more the movie, sports event, special thing tv. But so far so good. I always thought it had the best picture of the bunch at the time, and we got a decent deal at Vann's. Tho in today's prices, it was super expensive (like a new Luxia series LED LCD Sammy). But we have enjoyed it very much and don't regret the purchase at all.

Hope you can get yours fixed. If not check out the Luxia LED LCD Sammy, some guy on the flat panel forum showed pics and it had the most beautiful pic I have seen.

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I started getting the same black half issue about 2 weeks ago on my 5688. It is sporadic, works some days with no issues while on other days it happens over and over.

I bought the unit in late 2005 and I'd like to keep it running.

Has a solution been agreed upon yet?

Would replacing the DMD board fix the issue.
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I also have a 5668W.. Here is what my screen looks like. Half of it has a green tint to it.

I have been looking at DMD boards, but I dont know the part number I need.

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The DMD board assembly for the HL-R5688W (pedestal model) is BP96-01106A. I don't know about any of the other models.
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jstuart....did you end up replacing your dmd board? To date, I've been putting up with the power off/on cycle and biding time for new models to come out and prices to drop on last series.
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I am still waiting. I'd like it to actually die. It is now doing it a couple of times an hour. I've been able to catch it while I'm in the service menu but the diagnostics don't acknowledge any problem.

I have a spare bulb and I'm considering a swap just to see if that makes any difference.

I'm looking into an LCD screen ~55" to replace it and recover the floor space in the family room. About twice the cost of the replacement DMD, but a guaranteed fix!
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I'm looking for a place with a reasonable (under $500) for the HL-R5688W (pedestal model) DMD board. I've seen priced from ~$800 to well over $2000. Send me a message if you have any ideas about where to get a replacement board at a reasonable price.

Update 7/24/09:
I have decided to replace the DLP unit with a LN52B750. It is smaller but I liked the 240Hz update rate and the price at BestBuy was the same as the LN55B650. The trade was refresh rate versus size and refresh rate won.

I was amazed that the in store price was 15% lower than the web site price. Had the prices been different I would have gone with the less expensive set.

Best Buy brought the new LN52B750 on August 15th and the took away the HL-R5688W. I was glad they were doing the recycling. I kept the remote and that works with the new TV! It does take a lot less room than the old set. The picture seems to be much sharper. I'm still playing with the adjustments.
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So looks like I just started having this same problem with my HLR5688W (half black screen). Very disappointing I thought the bulb would go out before anything else.

Right now, the issue is happening about once every 2 to 5 days, but based on what I have been reading, it will likely get worse.

I looked at samsungparts.com for some idea on pricing of the DMD and saw a price of $2,924 (part #BP96-01106A). Yikes! That's almost how much this television cost me! The part is on back-order, anyway.

So a couple requests: Do I have the right part#? Also, does anyone have recommended part suppliers that they have used that may have this at a lower price?

I am doing my share of Googling, but you never know if you are looking at a reputable vendor or not.
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The part number you have is correct. The dmd board for the 5688w is about twice as expensive as other hlrs.

Some people have found parts on ebay or places like that, but by now they are all probably scavenged parts from junked dlps. I'd think the parts wouldn't last very long as we all know there is a short life span on them.

May be time for a new tv, I know, we love our Kirks, but to repair them can be ridiculously expensive. I cross my fingers each time I turn mine on, but it's still breathing.
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been dealing with my hlr5688 going half-black for 10 months now. it progressively has gotten worse where it'll happen 10-15 minutes after you first turn it on. i had samsung service tech come in today to do a diagnostic..... he promptly told me that the dmd board needs to be replaced (BP96-01106A). the cost of the repair $600 + labor he said. as much i had loved this model, i cannot justify spending that much $$ to repair it... i'm now coming to the harsh reality of accepting the fact that samsung really beat me --> 3 year life for a TV that cost me over $2600 dollars! i really only have myself to blame though....i didnt do my homework.. i should have gone LCD initially and not have been drawn in to the glitter of this dying DLP technology!

i will keep my loyalty to samsung though im just not yet sure which model LCD to replace the 'kirk'
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I too have the PITA intermittent blank right hand side of the screen on my HLR5688W. It has now gotten to the point where it can happen every few minutes if I'm watching HD source content, especially commercials for some reason.

A service tech I trust has given me the DMD board replacement option "if I can find the parts." Apparently, from other postings here and my own experience Samsung is not very helpful. I was also warned not to give a deposit to the parts department at "The Geek Squad" because they simply hold your money and never deliver the part because they, like everyone else, seems to be having problems finding it.

My set is probably an "early" rather than a "late" version with a manufacturing date in 2005. Is there any known source for a "good" part for this set? Frankly, like another poster, this experience has soured me on Samsung although it seems clear that the blame may lie in part with the folks at Texas Instruments.

Why aren't there any laws about manufacturer supplied replacement parts any more? A "lemon law" like the one passed to deal with poorly designed high failure rate cars may be needed. Back in the day, import motorcycles had a requirement place on them that the manufacturer would supply spare parts and/or the importer provide for repair services for ten years from the date of purchase. My experinces with Butler and Smith over crankshaft repairs to a 1954 Victoria Bergmeister 350cc road bike in 1962-3 educated me on the problem with a law that has no enforcement agency actively supporting folks who had been treated badly. They were required to possess the "jig" needed to split the crank shaft and reallign things after the bearings were replaced. I was willing to send in my crankshaft to have the work done but they refused to use the jig and instead offered me the only "NOS" complete crankshaft in stock in North America for twice what I had paid for the motorcycle. Needless to say, that gem of a road bike ended up as something else when I sold it as junk to a guy who lengthened the frame four inches and dropped in a VW motor to make a drag bike.

It appears that this HLR 5688W owner will be forced to generate a lot of e-waste and will become committed to seeking legislative remedies needed if a sustainable economy is to ever be achieved. Making things designed in a way which causes rapid deterioration and failure in support of market volume and "planned obsolescence" must be a thing of the past for the next generation if global catastrophe is to be prevented.

Anyone... a source for the DMD board for this set?
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Here is a link to the dmd board for the HLR 5688w. They will rebate $350 when you return the defective part, so it's not as horribly expensive as the first price, but still a lot. It says it's on back order, so that may mean it's not available.

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"Stock Availability: Item is nation-wide back order. We may have it within 4 weeks" <-- that message has been on that site for over 2 months.

my feeling is that part (dmd-board) is no longer being manufactured in any capacity.... if one is lucky enough to come across one it will surely be refurbished/recycled and probably wont last longer than 3 months. i agree with the previous poster, someone (maybe texas instruments) should be held accountable for this poorly designed product.
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Based on the DMD board design I'd expect that the TI chip is functioning without a problem. The board uses two controller chips to feed the mirror controls to the DMD. The wiring looks like right/left half.

I did find that setting the Picture in Picture to support the half screen mode allowed us to watch shows on the left half until a commercial came and we could power down and restart.
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By reading this thread is this certain that Samsung DLP are Bad. Although the company is not making them. I was thinking of buying a refurb set. But i think now i should go with lcd.
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Go with LCD. No used DLPs. They are not bad when they are working, but way too many problems to take a chance on a refurb.
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Originally Posted by jstuart676 View Post

I did find that setting the Picture in Picture to support the half screen mode allowed us to watch shows on the left half until a commercial came and we could power down and restart.

that is exactly what i've been doing for the past several months!! this however doesnt change how bitter/angered i am at this set.
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The problem with this tv is that the light engine is overheating. If you take off the back panel of the television and take out the top half of the projection unit you will see that behind the tunnel there is a heat sink. You can go to a computer store and purchase a fan to put into your tv to blow the hot air away from it. I put mine inside the tv on the left side right next to the heat sink and spliced it into the wires for the light tunnel fan. But if the temperature in the room its in is over seventy five it still goes black after two or three hours
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I also tried adding extra cooling to the DLP chip but, as you point out, when the temperature got above 70-75 the cooling had no effect. In fact, I believe that the extra cooling was "locking the stable after the horse was gone." The problem is that the DLP chip has capacitors on it which deteriorate from overheating and once they are damaged, no amount of cooling completely solves the problem.

I ended up having Best Buy bring me a new LED TV and cart away "Darth Vader" to the recycling process. Hopefully no one will buy it as a refurb.
If I were you, I would consider giving up and getting someting that is reliable. I can't believe how annoying that failure became before I finally had had enough!
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Does anyone have any pictures of a DMD board replacement procedure? Where is the board located - in the upper assembly area?
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Does anyone have any pictures of a DMD board replacement procedure? Where is the board located - in the upper assembly area?
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It's the board in front of the Optical engine. If you change the dmd board it's a painful task to adjust it
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