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Sony SXRD Color Spot Problem

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I have a Sony 60" SXRD that is a couple years old. After moving a month ago, I notices that when I was watching cable and went to the channel guide that there was a green tint to a section of the blue background. I also get a green tinted circle when at the main menu of the PS3 when I have the theme background set to white. At first I thought I have a problem with the color projector, but whenever I open up an image in the PS3 that is all white I DO NOT see the green spot. Also in games with white background menus on the PS3 and Wii I DO NOT see the green spot. Also in blu-ray menus I DO NOT see the green spot and believe it does not exist when watching the movie. I also don't notice it while watching a tv show... Any ideas what could be wrong? Also I see the green when the TV is on but the ps3 and cable box are off. It should just be black I think?

Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Interesting. Can you post photos of the problem?
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Here are some pictures from the various conditions:

Cable menu with green spot:

Cable with no noticable spot:

PS3 with Standard Theme set to White with green spot:

PS3 with still white image on screen and no noticable spot:

PS3 Echochrome Menu with no noticable spot on white menu:

POTC Blu-Ray with no noticable spot:

Wii Menu with no noticable spot:

TV on with no input signal, green haze most of screen and blue in lower left corner:
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It looks like you have an XBR1 so the XBR1 Owner's thread would have been a good place to post rather than start a new thread. Anyway, you appear to have the notorious "green blob". You can do a search on it. There is no shortage of information about this problem. The reason you're not seeing it all the time is probably a combination of it being in its infancy on your TV (when did you first start noticing it?) and the fact that it shows up most on certain color (typically certain pastels and greys) backgrounds. Even on the screen shots where you say it can be seen there is a subtle hint of it. You'll need to contact Sony to get your optical block replaced.
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Wow, these look bad. Only the 2nd picture (toronto) is hard to see a problem, the rest of the photos are rather obvious to me. You need an OB replacement to fix.
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you need to state the sxrd model you have. different models have different issues. from what i've seen, it seems you have an xbr1 which has well documented green blob issues. sony just settled a class action lawsuit over these models which should give you some protection. check the thread on this forum for your sxrd model.
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I wonder if this failure mode is endemic to LCoS tech. My 4 year old JVC DiLA RPTV (uses JVC's version of SXRD) has failed the same way.

At least Sony appears to have addressed the issue in a settlement. Not happening with mine. I purchased the 5-year warranty when I bought the TV, and now GE Service (who administers the warranty contract) is doing everything they can to avoid replacing my TV. The set has been down for nearly 3 months, and GE continues to push the optics engine off to different module rebuilders, city to city, week to week, failed effort after failed effort. There is no end game in sight and absolutely nothing stopping GE from dragging the process out through the end of the contract in 2009...

Consider yourself lucky with the Sony solution.
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I have two 71 inch LCoS LG and they are very good, I still speak to the local tech (Brisbane Australia) that repairs LG products and he still tells me he has never had one of these ever come in for any repair except for the early models that needed a firmware update to fix some audio problem.

Now for the green blob!!

Three weeks ago I turned on one of my LG LCoS tv's and it had a green blob and slowly disappeared after 5 minutes, I turned on the second LG LCoS and it exactly the same so what was the problem as this has never happened before and both tv's did this at the same time.?? well we had heavy rain, the humidity was 96% and in the manual it says max to use is 80-85%.
The LG's have a unique re-circulating fan set up for the light engine but unfortunately I had the power at the mains turned off for day.
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