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KA-POW!!! DC Universe Online for free on the PS3 and PS4

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DC Universe Online is a free download that is out for the PS3 and will launch later in 2013 for the PS4. While it is the full game, this arcade-action based MMORPG has tiered pay options for gamers as it relates to extra slots, inventory space, and DLC content.

- Free will see new players have access to all areas, raids and alerts, as well as create two characters and join a league.

- Premium accounts will be given to those who have spent $5 or have previously subscribed to the game, providing additional account and inventory slots.

- Finally, Legendary accounts will be available for a $14.99 monthly fee, and provides all downloadable content for free, offers 15 character slots, more than 80 inventory slots and more.


Check out this great summary write-up I found at NeoGAF about DCUO's progression arc and squad arrangements. It should help new players wrap their head around what's in store:


Lv 1 - 30 stuff in Gotham/Metropolis is meant to be solo stuff. You can group for it to get it done faster and it does make it a lot more easier/fun, but it wasn't designed with group play in mind. Bounties are the only thing in the open world that you need to group up for in the open world or at the very least have a couple of randoms backing you up and even then you don't really have to worry about your role.

All the group content in the game is instance based accessed via the On Duty menu. The Lv 1 - 29 Easy alerts were meant to be a training ground for group play, but you can faceroll you're way through most of them at this point. The real meat of the group content is the lv 30 Hard T1/T2 alerts, the raids, and the instance PvP (Arena mostly). Once you reach 30 the PvE content will slowly start to open for you as you begin to get better gear. T1 alerts require 1 healer, 1 troll, & either 2 DPS or 1 DPS and 1 tank. T2 alerts have the same group makeup except tanks play a more vital role so it's better to get one instead of 2 DPS for the most part. Raids usually consist of 2 healers, 2 trolls, 3 DPS, and 1 tank. You can faceroll through the Outer Batcaves and Khandaq, but all the other raids require you to know your role and the mechanics of the game.

Instance PvP opens up on your way to lv 30 with Legends being the training ground. Everyone plays as an Iconic (DC Characters with their own stats, powers, and weapons) in Legends so your gear/lv don't matter. The RPS system also doesn't matter in Legends. Arena is instance PvP using your own character and gear. To keep it fair the Arena queue places you with similar lv people, once you reach 30 you only play against other 30's. If you do not have a balance group for Arena and the other team does you will most likely get stomped. You need a healer to heal everyone and to debuff the tank, you need a troll to juice everyone and debuff the opposing healer, you need a tank to remove debuffs and to pound the troll so your healer is able to do his job, and you need a dps to help kill the other team faster. If you're a hero you also have to deal with longer queue times and playing against better geared villains due to the faction imbalance in the game.

Old stuff:

Here's a take from Eurogamer, grabbing info from The Edge magazine:


In this month's Edge magazine, executive creative director Jim Lee describes DC Universe as a "kick-ass hybrid between a traditional MMO and a first-person action console game".

You'll get to create your own superhero or villain, choosing their particular powers, according to the Edge article. So you'll decide whether to attack using fire or ice, for example, and move around using acrobatics or the power of flight. Other potential abilities mentioned in the article include speed-running and teleportation.

As with a traditional MMO your character will level up as you progress, and you'll develop your powers. When the game starts you might be able to fly, but only later will you learn how to pull off specific moves and attacks in mid-air.

Although you don't get to "be" any of the famous DC characters, you do get to interact with them. That might mean you end up saving Superman from being stabbed with a shard of kryptonite by Lex Luthor. Or, if you're a villain, you could cause carnage by chucking cars around downtown Metropolis, thereby encouraging the boy in blue to turn up and fight you.

Metropolis is one of two large shared environments revealed so far, the other being Gotham City. Unlike World of Warcraft, DC Universe will be comprised of a mix of these environments and separate instances. And while there will still be instances and raids, the emphasis will be on fast-paced action rather than grinding.

There will be PvP arenas, and you'll be able to make use of your superpowers and those of others in interesting ways. For example, someone might freeze your character in a block of ice, then pick up the block and chuck it at another player. In some instances, PvP fights will end up turning into giant PvE boss battles.

In the future, it's possible we could see models, environments and costumes from the game turning up in other DC Comics properties, and there are plans for plot crossovers. "We can tie-in future DC tentpole events and translate the stories for the gaming world, and have them occur simultaneously," said Lee. "The possibilities are numerous and very exciting."

Some early pics:

Here's the MySpace link to DC Universe Online. Besides the pics there is some concept art as well as a few extra models of characters.

ppshooky found the cool new E3 trailer at ign.com.

*** February '09 ***

A great new trailer showing the Doomsday vs. Superman campaign.

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So you can be a supervillain in the DC universe, nay, start an entire guild of supervillains? Sounds good to me.
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Yeah, but none of the established DC characters. You have to make up your own super hero/villain and level him/her up. The real DC characters are CPU controlled during the action I guess.
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Yeah, I caught that. Creating a group of supervillains with your friends to fight Batman sounds pretty cool. I really don't like any of the other DC characters so we'd pretty much just go after Batman.
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As long as it's the George Clooney version!
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I want to make a Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Any word if this will be subscription based or cash shop based?

I'm betting the former.
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Originally Posted by ppshooky View Post

I want to make a Guild of Calamitous Intent

I love you.
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Originally Posted by Martez View Post

I love you.

I realize I'm in the PS3 forum, but agreed....

Venture Brothers...best TV to hit the air in...a loooooong time.

Probably the best written gem the world hasn't yet caught on to (which is why it hasn't been over-hyped and ruined).

I'm still laughing over the OSI/GI Joe spoof...
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I want to have my character look exactly like me except he can fly.
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Like Dwight?
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Originally Posted by DaveFi View Post

I want to have my character look exactly like me except he can fly.

Hancock....is that you?
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First person? Pass.
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somehow sony always get me excited. the only problem is it always takes eons before it comes out.

i like to believe. but first i want to see it and play it
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First low-rez pics discovered... for a MMORPG it doesn't look bad at all!

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Definetly exciting. If it's free to play online i'm in. Make it subscription based and I'm out.
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Uh, is this supposed to be Vertigo-type DC Universe or "New Teen Titans" DC Universe, exactly....??

Like is your character going to have Anime doe-eyes and the like.....
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Awesome, I can't wait to be the Man of Steel... sadly there are no pics of him as of yet!
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You can't be ANY of the characters... you have to make your own and level him/her up. The DC heroes and villains are CPU controlled.
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Originally Posted by joeblow View Post

You can't be ANY of the characters... you have to make your own and level him/her up. The DC heroes and villains are CPU controlled.

Hence I said Man of Steel, never said "Superman"... lol

that's a cool way to do it, create your own superheroes... awesome stuff.
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Originally Posted by HeadRusch View Post

Uh, is this supposed to be Vertigo-type DC Universe or "New Teen Titans" DC Universe, exactly....??

Like is your character going to have Anime doe-eyes and the like.....

Screenshots posted above look like the Vertigo-type DC and not the faux-anime version.

Originally Posted by gooki View Post

Definetly exciting. If it's free to play online i'm in. Make it subscription based and I'm out.

I wouldn't doubt it if it was subscription based. I don't see how they can maintain the servers with CS items alone.
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A video of this game was finally shown at E3... definitely action packed and DC colorful. No word of a release date... perhaps before the end of the show.
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I wonder how much it will cost (subscription fee?). If it is really cheap I may jump on board a little.
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Looks good!
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They said it will be on PS3 and PC. I wonder if they're on the same servers? In other words play on PS3 at home, and log in on PC at work?
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Isn't that what they did with Final Fantasy XI (or was it X?) on the PS2 and PC? A unified server for both platforms?

edit: IGN has the trailer up.
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Yeah, it'll be great if the servers are unified. Thanks for the video link... updating first post with credit.
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Originally Posted by ludivigo View Post

They said it will be on PS3 and PC. I wonder if they're on the same servers? In other words play on PS3 at home, and log in on PC at work?

I would love to have your job where you can play games at work.

Blah if you can't play as them then you are better off playing Champions.
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Trailer was a bit misleading. They made it seem like you could be them.

I haven't read comics since the mid-1990s, but some of those characters I've never seen before...unless those are the player characters.

At the very least, you can do missions with the superheroes.
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I'm really looking forward to this game.... I mean to be able to play alongside/against the likes of Superman/Bizarro, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Wonderwoman, The Flash amongst many others is awesome.

I'm surely going to be logging many many hours on this game.
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Here's a great interview from E3:


Yesterday, the period of darkness ended. After three years of silence, Sony's press conference finally brought news, video, and screens from DC Universe Online.


Of course, a Superman nerd like myself is never content to just hear Jim Lee talk about the game he's helping envision, I want to see it. I want to know it. I want to play it. Sadly, Sony Online Entertainment wasn't ready to let me slip into my tights and try out the MMO that lets you create a hero or a villain, but they were happy to show me a brand new, behind the scenes trailer.

Some of the footage was used in the press conference trailer, which just so happens to be below this paragraph, but there was plenty of stuff I hadn't seen before. A wide shot of the Batcave revealed that the giant Joker playing card and penny in the game; I saw Supergirl beat on some bad guys; concept art for both the Hall of Justice and Wayne Manor popped up; character sheets for Adam Strange, Captain Atom, Hawkgirl, Sinestro, and the Mad Hatter made an appearance; even Batwoman showed up to wail on some baddies.

Afterwards I got to browse through a art book featuring the Huntress and Vixen, but not before I put DCUO Executive Producer John Blakely into the IGN interrogation chair. What would he have to say about this game? What secrets are in his head? I decided to find out.

IGN: What is DCUO bringing to MMOs that we haven't seen before?

John Blakely: Well, first of all, there's the DC Universe -- Gotham, Metropolis, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Joker, Penguin, Solomon Grundy -- a whole host of heroes, a whole bunch of villains. Over 150 of these all penned by Jim Lee and his team at Wildstorm Entertainment -- they have put together probably over 1,500 concepts to kind of layout the official DCU, what it looks like. There's an official map of Metropolis now. There's an official map of Gotham. We're building those in the Unreal 3 engine. It's going to be shipped on the PlayStation 3 and on the PC so it'll be a console experience, and a big thing on that is moment to moment, this is an action game. First and foremost, superhero game and then we're layering in the pieces you'd expect with an MMO -- character progression, end games, rule the world or save the world, levels, loot, character-invested storylines like your hero's journey or your villain's journey. We're really trying to put all of those pieces together as you'd expect in an MMO but moment to moment it really is an action game like you'd play on your console.

IGN: If somebody wasn't familiar with it, what is their role in it? You're not playing as Superman or Batman.

John Blakely: You're not. What you're doing is stepping in. We're opening a portal or a door into the DC Universe that you can step into for the first time with your own custom superhero or super-villain and then fight alongside all your favorite heroes and/or villains, fight against them or fight for them in those settings. Navigating through those stories you've learned to love over the over the last 70 years.

IGN: The first thing that jumps to my mind is that if I'm a villain and I get locked up in Arkham, what happens to my game?

John Blakely: Well, you don't get locked up in Arkham. You'll get knocked out. There will be some penalties for those kinds of things. You won't actually be sitting in a cell looking out, and just hoping that some day someone will come rescue you. Now, however, you can go into Arkham as a villain or as a hero and help free those other characters that may be locked in there -- maybe amass those characters and then go raid the Batcave if you're good enough.

IGN: How does this work? It's a massive multiplayer online game so obviously there's a lot of interaction between people; are there missions then too that make up my experience?

John Blakely: Yeah, there's cases and capers depending on which way you line up. So there are going to be storylines that you are going follow. Part of that's going to be for your own personal discovery of your powers and how to use them, part of that's going to be following along DC canon and some world events that may happen. There will be plenty of content to do that. There will also be basic patrolling. It's an open world game, so in the shared spaces it's like -- You're in Metropolis in the city; you're a hero; you're on patrol; as content gets spun up that's relevant to you, it'll be brought to your attention and you can decide if you want to engage that or not. As you engage that content, the objectives can change and raise your threat level if you're a villain or hero and other heroes or villains can come in and respond to that. It's a very dynamic world. You have a huge impact as a player on what's going on in your quadrant based on how you attack it or how you repel it.

IGN: When I'm doing these cases and capers, do I pop up to other people? The thing I would think is that if I'm helping Superman on a mission, wouldn't I get swarmed by a hundred other fanboys wanting to talk to Superman?

John Blakely: Well, it's not necessarily that. He'll be in a personal relationship with you. You'll have a communicator either by the JLA or the Legion of Doom and you'll be able to communicate with this. So, he might pop up and he might tell you "Hey, go here. Down in this district something's going on and you have to go over and take care of it." Then, as you get there, that content that's relevant for you will pop up. We're also using what we're calling a surplus model concept, which means as objectives spin up in the area, as you consume those objectives, they spawn more objectives. Case in point might be an armored car rides though -- if you're a villain, that objective is hit the armored car, y'know? There's an opportunity for you, but as you hit the armored car, now more objectives pop up because, well, the police are alerted and the police come in. Now, if there are other villains in the area, they can participate. As your threat level rises, heroes are beckoned in to protect the police officers. Their objective is opposite to yours, so it's a really neat, dynamic environment that creates. As people consume content, it creates more content for more people to consume and so we bring all of those people into that kind of heroic fray of heroes versus villains in the shared space. Obviously in the instant space it's more of a story-driving encounters. They'll lead you through. That's where you get the really personal attention from the character that isn't through the communicator interface.

IGN: OK. How does that threat level work? Is it one of those things where there are on-screen indicators or do I get calls from --

John Blakely: We're not going into specifics right now. We really want to focus on, really the only thing we want to focus on going into Comic-Con is the moment to moment combat. So, we're going to get into those things as we move forward. Really what's important to know is that this is not an MMO you would expect. It's not turn-based. Let's say you and I are in an entanglement. I'm going to stun you, now, normally you would stun and you would both be there like you're not doing anything. Well, our stun, if I have ice powers, I turn you into an ice block. Literally. And I can pick up that ice block and I can throw it -- with you in it -- throw it down the street and hit four or five other defenders or four or five other enemies, do damage to them. It's a fully-realized simulated-physics world and so it's a very visceral experience. It's much more like playing a shooter or one of your favorite action games on the console.

IGN: Is it a clear-cut choice in the beginning like you can be a hero or be a bad guy, or if I start playing as my superhero and I suck, can I just say, "Well screw this, I'm going to be a bad guy?"

John Blakely: It is black hats, white hats. DC is a very nostalgic universe, so it's very much traditionally black hats, white hats. We've kept that; we've preserved that. However, they also have character like Batman. Batman kind of flirts with that line a little bit, but you always know that he is on the good side of good. We'll allow you to get close to that line, but we won't allow you to cross it. Once you're a hero or once you're a villain, you've declared a side.

IGN: Can you tell me about how character progression is going to go? Is it as clear as you're just kind of leveling up?

John Blakely: Well, there's skill involved. There's your own personal progression as you learn and figure out what powers you like to use, how you use them -- that's one part. There's also the more traditional mechanical ones if you will like levels, loots, and itemizations. You will have gear that you can get, suits that you can create. Again, we aren't going into a lot of the specifics since we're just announcing, but we are going to be an MMO. If you're an MMO player and you come into this game, you're going to go, "Wow, those are all the things I like about an MMO." Some of the analogs that you look at like Call of Duty or Bad Company, those games that are on consoles where you have those intense moments and then you have some progression. What we're going to do is bring that all together in one cohesive space like an EverQuest or an EverQuest II where those things are all in-world and not some kind of separate place where you go look at stats.

IGN: Very interesting. Is there anything I haven't touched on that you want to talk about right now? I know you guys are just introducing and Comic-Con is going to be big, I'll be there next week.

John Blakely: I would say the basic things, just to repeat, are: DC Universe is the important thing, Jim Lee and his involvement is really interesting -- he is a gamer, which is great. He speaks our language. He's obviously a prolific artist in the universe. And then moment to moment, this is a superhero action game. We're going to be able to demonstrate that on the show floor at Comic-Con -- it's open to everybody we want fans to get in there as well as the press because we want to get the reaction and also start to build a buzz about the game because we're really proud of what we've been playing.

IGN: Radical. Two final questions for you. The first is, do I get a lair or some kind of home, or is it that you just start up and are in your suit and are ready to go.

John Blakely: Again, we're not going into those details at this point.

IGN: I thought I could get you!

John Blakely: These [PR] guys train us well, but certainly we want to have an experience reflective of what you'd expect in the DC Universe, so as we roll these things out I think you're going to be excited about what we can provide. If you look at our other products and you see what features we provided there, y'know, you can draw your own conclusions.

IGN: Alright, then my final, final question is for me personally, as a huge fanboy, in there any mention or showing of Kon-El, Superboy, in there? Is his memorial statue at least in Metropolis Park.

John Blakely: There will be things that are called out. I'm not saying specifics, but --

IGN: That's good enough by me.

John Blakely: We have good custodians of the DC Universe, and we have a lot of characters. It's important to make it feel like what you would expect.

IGN: Well, thank you so much, John. It's been a pleasure.

John Blakely: Thank you.
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