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Right now I have my projector ceiling mounted in a 100% light controlled room. I have always had my screen just a flat white wall, and have always been impressed with the picture quality, but its time to upgrade for me. I am currently painting everything in my theater. Since all of my viewing is in 16x9 HDTV mode, I would like to keep the projector in 16x9 and never switch to the 4:3 option. I am going to make a screen, probably with BO cloth and Behr paint, but I am in need of help with bordering and framing issues. I need to stay fairly cheap here, so I am going to paint Silver Screen Paint directly on the wall. But when my projector is in 16x9 mode, there is still that black bordering around the actual image that stands out on the wall and is noticeable. When I make a frame I dont want it to be too thin that those black levels will show beyond the outside of the frame. Would it be a good idea for me to just line the whole wall face around the screen with black felt of some sort, or even velet?