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Problems with HC1500 bulb dimming after 500 hours

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I've had my Mits HC1500 for about 7 months now. For the first 5 or so months, it was incredible, nice and bright etc.
Slowly over the past couple of months, it's been getting dimmer and dimmer, until it's now at the point where it's almost unwatchable, even in low light situations. the bulb has 525 hours on it.
I talked to Mits who said I may have done something to the bulb to cause it, or it's a "ballast" problem. (projector is still under warranty)
The bulb apparently only has a 90 day warranty.
I am afraid they're going to tell me, I did something, and I have now idea what I might have done inadvertently.
I know I never shut it of then back on again quickly, or had the keystone set too high.
Any other thoughts on what else could have happened to it?
Damned if I want to dish out another $400 only to find out I'm still doing something wrong, I shouldn't be doing?
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Adjusting the keystone doesn't have an impact on bulb life.
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Your best decision right now is to get a High Power screen. That way you can temporarily use this projector longer.
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^^Thuway's kidding (I hope). Don't buy a new screen. If you plan on keeping the unit for a year or two you'll likely need a new lamp at some point anyway. I would buy a new lamp, see if it works, and if not have your unit repaired by Mitsubishi.
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What are the things 'not" to do to keep bulb healthy. The only one I know of is not letting the unit cool off properly before turning it on again.
I'm pretty sure I've never done that, if so, only once in error. Would doing that once, fry the bulb like this? It still works, it's just very dull now.
The manual says to "turn off the power" when it's not in use. I turn it off, but never unplugged it, when not in use. I didn't think that would be a problem, so long as we have clean power, which we do.
Anything else you can think of, that might cause something like this?
A new screen is out of the question, BTW, but thanks anyway.
I would hate to have to buy a new bulb after 500 hours, but if I did, and I screwed up the first one, I really want to make sure I don't do it again.
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Lamps are not perfect and fail.... Sometimes they fail quickly.

I would not infer anything from your shortend 1st lamp life at this point.

Buy a new lamp and odds are it will give you full satisfactory service / life.
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Well, I'm not sure how much of this is just wishful thinking but a few things come to mind regarding bulb life.

*Avoid cycling the bulb more than neccesary. Apparently, the on/off process eats a considerable amount of bulb life.

*Do not move the projector while it is running or while the bulb is cooling. This is said to have negative impacts on the bulb glass and arc nodes.

*Limit power outages, spikes, brown outs, etc.

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Thanks for those tips, Klover. Didn't know moving the proj while turned on, might have an affect on the bulb, and I know I've done that a couple of times (otherwise how do you adjust the position of the picture etc, which is not as easy, when it's off?
I've already resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to replace the bulb, but my wife has already suggested to me if that one goes prematurely, I'll be the first to post the effects of using an HC1500 as a suppository.
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Well this is strange.
I just got my projector back from Mitsubishi and they replaced the bulb.
The strange thing is, there was no documentation anywhere about what they did, when I got it back.
I got an RMA form and shipping document that says nothing about what they did, of found etc.
I called to ask what the problem was and they didn't write anything down, other than, cleaned unit, replaced bulb.
No info on why it happened, if there was a problem with the machine causing the bulb to go, or if they just replaced it out of the goodness of their heart?
While I think it's great I got a new bulb, I wanted to make sure it wasn't caused by something I was doing. I guess I'll never know now.
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My bulb did the exact same thing. Bought the projector 11 months ago and it started dimming at around 500 hours. The bulb just died at 840 hours (all on low lamp mode). The vents were spotless and there was plenty of room for air circulation. It is also only turned on maybe once in a day...so I'm guessing just a bad bulb?
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