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Magnavox vs Vizio

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I went to Sam clubs to pick up a 42 inch Vizio to find out that it was replaced by the Magnavox 42 inch. Long story short I ended up going with the 47 inch Vizio, because I wasn't sure about the magavox. I'm wondering everyones opinions on these tv as far as quality is concerned as I had an HP LCD that only lasted a year. I might return the 47 inch vizio and get either the 42 or 47 Magnavox if they are of good quality in comparision.

Here are the models I'm looking at:

47" Vizio LCD 1080p HDTV VO47L -
42" Magnavox LCD 1080p HDTV 42MF438B/27 -
47" Magnavox LCD 1080p HDTV 47MF437B/37 -
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Overall, Magnavox televisions tend to look much better than the Vizio sets. Sitting side by side, there is a pretty noticeable in not only sharpness and clarity, but also in color. The Vizio tv's tend to tint colors a little warm (everything seems to have a little bit of a reddish tint to it). The color accuracy in Magnavox sets seems to be a quite a bit better than the Vizio sets. The only two things that Vizio has that Magnavox does not is (typically) a lower price and a better warranty.

I would advise going into the Sams Club that you bought your tv at and asking if you can see both the 47 Vizio and the Magnavox tvs sitting side by side. The Magnavox will be brighter, the blacks will be blacker, and the flesh tones more accurate. In addition, another downfall to the Vizio tv's is that they don't display an analog picture very well. Because the Magnavox has a higher quality video processor in it, it tends to have an overall better display.

Hope this helps.
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I disagree 100% with that, Vizio has been know to produce very accurate color's and flesh tones after some tweaking.

Here is C-Net's review, it also got good reviews from Consumer Report and PC World.

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And here is PC Worlds top 47 inch HDTV's

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I don't know about the Magnovox, but the Vizio sets have received strong ratings in their reviews. Additionally, the Vizios have more flexibility than many brands with settings that easily allow you to calibrate color levels individually, not just through presets.

My 52" and 42" Vizios are doing well after one year. If I were buying now, I'd seriously look at the 52" Samsung since the prices have come down a lot since last year.
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I was stating from an "overall" perspective after seeing many many Vizio tv's over the years. Not about that specific one. Yes the newer 47's do have a little more accurate color, but they still make analog look like crap.
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Just not true, the reviews from almost all their sets, always one of the strong points pointed out that they had very accurate colors.
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I have a 32" magnavox LCD that I bought in Dec. 06, so its about a year and a half old. Overall, I have been happy with it. No problems other than it developed some clouding that is only noticeable on a completely black screen. Of course the CR isn't nearly as good as newer technology but I've had no problems with it. I've moved it around a lot as well, taking it to friends houses, etc. Also, its on pretty much every night from 6-11pm.
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vizio forever!
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Have you ever looked at one sitting next to another set?
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Originally Posted by bell230 View Post

Have you ever looked at one sitting next to another set?

Yes, that's the best way to judge, assuming they're both optimized in their settings.

I have done this with these two brands (as well as two other brands) and once you took the time to make the adjustments, the Vizio was walking all over the Magnavox in color accuracy, deep blacks and bright whites. Of course the Vizios are a couple hundred dollars more than the Magnavox but "you get what you pay for".

I haven't heard anyone address the topic of their respective warranty service; other threads on AVSforum and other forums have generally praised recent Vizio customer service when it came to problems. Don't know about Magnavox .....
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