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@generallee -

There are a couple of options available to you:
  • Decrease the "Source Level" setting for the Netflix source by -10db and then raise the Master Volume by +10db while enabling Dyn EQ and Dyn Volume (Day).
  • Set surround mode to "5CH Stereo" setting to move the dialog to the side surround speakers and closer to your ears.
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Another suggestion. Try using a "phantom" center by turning your center to off (in the AVR settings). I'm not sure if you have to re-run Aud. if you do that? I sorta recall reading that the AVR will adjust for that? Anyhow. There are some sources that I listen/watch that have great dialogue with only 2-Channel. Like Letterman and the funked up way that CBS does the mix with blank channels. I usually just watch as is and wondered why everything sounded good. Sometimes I switch in to analogue so I get the crowd cheer surround, but not really necessary. The music generally sounds best left as is.

I know this sounds weird, but sometimes, depending on how good your fronts are you might get better dialogue with that method. I know sacrilege.
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Sorry for the dumb question. Is the 1909 capable of DSD? Are any of the Denons? Reason I ask is I am getting a Yammy "universal" player Monday and I am assuming I will need to set it to decode DSD and output via PCM? Would be really cool to be able to use the high bit rate DSD option that this player provides. This might be the thing that forces me to upgrade my AVR. Which would be good since the 1909 is HDMI input challenged.
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No, it's not. The 2809CI is the lowest model of the XX09 series that can process DSD. The feature was not passed on to the 3310CI when it replaced the 2809CI so the 4XXX series is the lowest level with this feature through the 4311CI. With the release of the new XX13 models, the feature has dropped down to both the 2313CI and 3313CI.
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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

No, it's not. The 2809CI is the lowest model of the XX09 series that can process DSD. The feature was not passed on to the 3310CI when it replaced the 2809CI so the 4XXX series is the lowest level with this feature through the 4311CI. With the release of the new XX13 models, the feature has dropped down to both the 2313CI and 3313CI.

JD, thanks. I am glad I asked. I can get a 3310ci for a song, but...looks like a '13 model will be in my future. What about the '12s. Trying to decide if a leftover '12 would be better than a lower level '13 with the feature. I assume the 3312ci can do DSD, but. Still wishing I would have grabed one when Amazon had the blowout. I will try to check the Denon site again, but that feature is not as easy to find.
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Actually this all may be a moot point. I am reading that if you use direct DSD that you loose all the Aud. features and it is best to have the player decode to PCM so you don't loose that, but you also loose some resolution and there are/can be jitter issues with this?

So a followup question is. What Denon AVR can take MCH DSD, decode it and also do aud. processing on it before it hits the analog section? Seems like most AVRs that can do DSD do it direct to analogue and bypass all processing and bass management etc. Not something I am interested in. It's the reason I want to get rid of my analog out only old player as I don't have any bass management and possibly no aud. features with the 1909 in my set-up.
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Sorry, should have said that the 3313CI is the first 33XX model to be able to do it. Just as with any DIRECT mode, Audyssey is disabled.
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Today saw the completion of the AVR-1909 'upgrade' and it ended even more impressive than my hopes had ever been. It is absolutely incredible the change 70 bucks made, and I highly recommend this. It has taken this AVR to a level hard to match. Doubt the versaity? PM me and take a trip to OKC, and you can listen yourself....bring your favorite CD/SACD/DVD/Blu-Ray...
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OK I will try getting out Batpigs guide and recalibrating everything. I have long forgotten the terms as I set everything up to Cinema, ran Audessey, boosted center by 2db and forgot everything I ever learned. The blue ray is a LG 590 and LG has downloaded a number of firmware updates. The reason I selected the 2309CI was because of the phono preamp and the extra inputs as I still have a old Laser Disk that has 3 tenors and I have some old movies. I also have a seperate DVD player so my grand daughter does not screw up the blue ray with her sponge bob stuff.

Since you are having the same problem at times I assume it is the garbage compression that Netflix is sending, Last evening even though I have a fast internet connection, Netflix rebuffered. I quit their disk exchange program because 60% of the blue rays sent were so dirty they would not play.

I have D* for my TV and most broadcast are OK except I can't understand Hawaii 5.0 in 5.1 as background too loud I have a Harmony remote so I have all of the Denon modes available but It is usually set to Dynamic eq/vol on. I am not sure what you mean by NF??? (non filtered)? The audio setup is HDMI Primary Pass-thru as is Digital Output. The sampling frequency is 48Khz and DRC off. I have Prohibited BD-Live.
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Thanks for the tip smoothie:)
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generallee. NF is shorthand for Netflix. Follow JDs suggestions and you are sure to improve things. Personally I haven't had a problem with H5O or any CBS show for that matter. Has a lot to do with your local network affiliate and how they get their signal to your local cable or whichever sat. company you have. You may be having a simelar problem with CBS and I have with my local ABC affiliate?
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Thanks every one: Today I went into SETUP>Manual setup>Audio Setup>ext In SW level and noted the SW level as plus 15 dB so I reduced it to plus 5db. Is that what I was supposed to do?
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No, that setting only applies if you are inputting a sub signal via the EXT IN input jack.
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What I did did not seem to do anything so I put sw back to plus15 and went to input setup which was HDP for the Blue ray ant put it to minus 10 dB. That dropped back thee input level on the volume to minus 5 dB when it was running on Return to Lonsome Dove about minus 20 dB. The background NF music seemed to drop considerably and the spoken word seems to be much better.
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After 3+years of wishing I had a receiver with a GUI, I'm considering upgrading. I have two questions.

1. If I got a new dual-zone AVR to run the main zone, could I use the 789 as the power amplifier for Zone 2? Say I got a Denon 1913, 2113, or 2313 to run zone 1 - could those receivers output the source to the 789, which would power the zone 2 speakers?

2. If I did get a new dual-zone Denon receiver and ran zone 2 speakers through the 789, would my Harmony One remote send the same commands to both receivers? That would be annoying. It may weigh in favor of buying an AVR from another manufacturer.


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1. The 1913 doesn't have Zone 2 preouts, rather only the 1713 or CI models do, otherwise, using one of them, yes you could use an AVR to power the Zone 2 speakers.
2. Ah yes, therein lies the rub, the same signal would indeed by routed to both AVRs so you would have to lock out the remote control commands from the 789 (check with Denon for special code setting to do this), although using the 2113CI or 1713 would require using the 789 to control the volume, while using a 2313CI would allow you to use the 2313CI to control the Zone 2 volume.
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Dumb question and i sorta remember something similar being asked before. I love my current fronts for HT, but they are not that musical for music listening. I have a new set of fronts that are pretty musical, but are small and require a sub for full sound. My question is this. I would like to run one set on A and another set on B. What in the world are my options for Aud. set-up. Do I have to calibrate each time, or can Aud. remember settings for stereo only mode with sub on say B and the full 7.1 setup using the speakers on B? I have never played with the A/B posts and settings, so I am a little unclear on this area.
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You can set the Front B to specifically be used in STEREO only mode (see p. 31 OM).
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Audyssey cannot EQ the A/B speakers separately so you should probably choose the A speakers to be EQd for 5.1. And as JD notes you can configure the receiver to automatically use B for stereo.
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Some time has gone by since I tried fixing this issue. Rebooting the FIOS box did not do any good. I am trying again to fix this issue by adding a digital cable from the FIOS box to OPT 1 input, but that hasn't helped. I don't get any audio unless I turn the amp off and back on again manually. Wouldn't this bypass any HDMI issues?

Edit: sorry for any confusion - my issue is that when I try to watch TV using my Harmony 1, I get no audio unless I turn the amp off and then back on again. I tried several suggestion a month ago but haven't found a solution yet. Thanks for all the help I have received.
Edited by Rondog32837 - 7/9/12 at 9:04am
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Have you tried powering on in this order ... TV, wait a few sec, AVR, wait a few sec, and then Fios box?
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I leave the FIOS box on all of the time. Could that be the issue?
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Shouldn't be an issue but why leave it on? Shut it ALL down and then start it ALL back up and your issue is likely to be solved.
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that didn't work either -crap, this is frustrating.
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What is the ORIGINAL issue that made you try suggestions a month ago? Why not just use HDMI from the cable box and be done with it?
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I have been using HDMI. JDsmoothie thinks it is an HDMI issue. I added the digital cable to get around it. I just get tired of having to turn my amp off and back on to get the sound.
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Program the harmony to not turn the 789 on until the fios box is on and stable.
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And while it may be an HDMI issue, with HDMI & optical not working, tells me the problem is due to the fios box.
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I was keeping the FIOS box on at all times. That would suggest to me that it is not the problem. I typically get a brief second of sound the first time I turn on the system. It then goes away until i reboot the amp.
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Hi Rondog32837, does this happen other source as well or just the FIOS box?

Instead of power off and on, try switching over to a different input and back.
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